Fight for your right to amazing skin with the miracle hydrator, Hyaluronic Acid. #ULTAloves
  • ultabeautyFight for your right to amazing skin with the miracle hydrator, Hyaluronic Acid. #ULTAloves

  • kbunch072013Thank you @ultabeauty for actually responding here. Maybe I will be listened to at guest service
  • mona_rodAll Ulta stores employees are rude and they look at you as if they are way better than you. I totally agree with @katieleroy
  • lsgatorNever had any problems at my store
  • h.popeWow I should e-mail too.. almost every time I go to Ulta some register worker thinks they're friken Britney Spears or something #calmdown
  • 73captionsThe worst customer service for beauty biz no matter which state im in. Raise salary train staff and stop with the shelf lighting that makes products spoil.
  • krys10ncI'm in CA, and I've gotten terrible customer service. I only continue to shop at Ulta because of the coupons.
  • shopgirl63What do you expect? The staff is paid poorly and every staff member has their bag searched at the end of their shift. They can't even go to work with their purses, their personal items must be in a clear see through bag. What does that say about the level of trust they have for their employees. I think it's embarrassing for the staff to stand at the exit at the end of the shift waiting to be searched before they walk out the door. As a very very good customer, I get uncomfortable seeing this.
  • shopgirl63...Still, I know that they are hired to do a job a good customer service is an expectation, but I do understand why attitudes might come into play.
  • ultabeauty@73captions @krys10nc please email detailing your store experience. Thank you.
  • shannakellI have to laugh. Years ago, when I was returning a Too Faces glitter eyeliner because it burned my eyes (as it did for many reviewers), the salesgirl said "maybe glitter eyeliners just aren't for you anymore".
  • shannakellI was 27, FFS! I have had many good experiences, but being told that you're too old for something sure has a tendency to stick with you :)
  • shihtzulover4lifeI love the two Ulta stores I go to, one is in Stow, OH and the other is in Fairlawn, OH
  • ladyv951Love ULTA Moreno Valley Ca
  • vivalasvegas29I want an Ulta in my town!!
  • heymansorry😍😍😍
  • kvilsack@dermalogica
  • xo_jennjenLove ulta! 😍
  • julifig_xHow long does it take for an order to process? It has been 2 days since I placed my order and it still processing ..
  • ultabeauty@_julii_fr it takes 2-3 business days for orders to process. Email us at to check on the status.
  • meowleib@mona_rod that's completely offensive. You cannot judge everyone based on one experience.
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