Alright. RooClue 5 of 12 is here! Got any guesses? #rooclue #bonnaroo
  • bonnarooAlright. RooClue 5 of 12 is here! Got any guesses? #rooclue #bonnaroo

  • highmeee420If you look up what the symbol on the van it's the coroners symbol soooo first aid kit doesn't make sense.
  • dumpster_human@james_huey STFU WILLOW SMITH IS NOT GOING TO BE THERE DONT DO THAT TO ME 😡😭😡😭😡😭
  • ngaston6916the last drive!
  • matt_west229My guess is First Aid Kit. It's a Swedish flag and a Caduceus symbol which is synonymous with medicine. Plus they're totally a Bonnaroo-esque band.
  • lucydiamondskyy....It's closer to the greek flag than the swedish... Sweden's flag is yellow and blue
  • imperialdeathtrooper-.- it's the finnish flag. Google people, google.
  • 3001puppiesFinland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Denmark share the same flag design. The colors (blue and white) are only found on the Finnish flag.
  • yakball26Apocolyptica
  • pictzabunsHIM Is Finnish
  • hannah_roffers@shelbyalo
  • eskismusicgreek flag you idiots
  • shelbyaloisioFoals 🙏
  • butnusterFinnish flag. Helsinki is the capital. Architecture in Helsinki's first album on thier own label was 'in case we die'. Finland is 'encased' in the coroner's vehicle. Thier New album will be out this year and they've played Coachella before. The answer is Architecture in Helsinki. Have a nice day everyone!
  • rickrossi87Brand New!
  • bekahbrucatoDeath Cab? @karsynkendrick
  • reblum.xofThis is very ambiguous. Everyone is back and forth between the Greek and Finnish flag debate because it's really not either. It holds characteristics from both. They one stripe going through the bottom would lead you to believe Greece, but then the cross is not a perfect square--the one line continues straight out. Also the colors are flipped for the Greek flag. This is most similar to Finland, but that damn stripe is there and the blue is more prominent in the flag than here...this is lighter like the Greek flag. I give up.
  • speaksoonstaylucky100% First Aid Kit
  • speaksoonstayluckyFirst Aid Kit (band) First Aid Kit is a Swedish folk duo.
  • jobean06T.V on the Radio? Hope so!
  • itsyaboyyyyyyRooClue announced to be First Aid Kit
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