Get in my closet!! #SneakPeek #Spring #Color
  • mauricesGet in my closet!! #SneakPeek #Spring #Color

  • classic_kilyssaI can't wait for these to come to our store!!! We put a lot of cute stock out last night. I'm waiting for these...and I know exactly where I will arrange them!
  • life_myeyes@honest_engine
  • honest_engine@life_myeyes 😍😍😍
  • melissathiemeUgh. Please be in Plus...
  • brooke_grooverThose button ups are from last year...
  • allgoodtabs@brooke_taylor_balding and they went to clearance too /: a lot of repeats....
  • katiefowler03@melissathieme The Plus size section has expanded!! 90% of what is in core sizes will also be in our 14-24 section! More than likely these will be in Plus! :)
  • ocean_o_curlsCute!!
  • brooke_groover@allgoodtabs yeah... It bites but whatever... This explains why I don't shop there much since I quit working there. Full price for last years clearance... Not cool.
  • ringlerkelliWow u should come to my store my customers love it!
  • __emily.nicole__Ahh love the purple!! So going shopping soon. Haven't been to Maurice's in forever I miss it!!! Lol @kaileerose_a
  • emjay85They are so new! The ones from last year were thicker and a different shade these style are new and thinner :) looking to having them in my store :)
  • suzanne_1109Do these come in plus sizes? So pretty!
  • bethanykate20@brooke_taylor_balding @allgoodtabs Did you know that maurices actually donates all unsold clearance to The Missing Persons Foundation for them to use to raise money for their cause!
  • brooke_groover@betho20 I worked for Maurices. I know what happens with damages and zeroed out clearance. I'm not saying it's a bad practice. I'm just saying that these shirts are exactly the same as last year. And it's not all unsold clearance. They take what's left and store it in the back to put it out again. After 3 seasons or so it gets donated and zeroed out.
  • allgoodtabs@betho20 yes, I did know that and that's great! However, some of my customers have been noticing that we've been getting a lot of repeats.
  • lisaelliott83We don't have these yet!!!!
  • _kmickWhen are these coming to my store!!! Ahhh gotta have em ♡
  • anita_g_171I love the colors! :-)
  • e.l.l.i.e.kI have the yellow one
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