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  • attOur best-ever value for families. Find out more about our Mobile Share Value family plans at att.com/mobilesharesavings.

  • e_drakeThank you AT&T for offering this...just switched! And thanks for back dating my past bill to new plan! #bestwirelessproviderever
  • att@e_drake We're happy to hear you're now on our new Mobile Share Value family plan.Thanks for the #ATTLove! #HappySavings
  • nellyfedericoI pay 150 for 2 phones & 4gb and I just started my 2 year contract on January 27 2014, Can I change to this New Mobile Share Value??
  • att@nellyfederico Any AT&T customer can get these great prices. All you have to do is choose a Mobile Share Value family 10GB or higher plan. Feel free to sign-up via att.com or the MyATT app is quick and easy.
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