Zip zip! Meet the Moto Jean. #lifeisinthedetails
  • loftZip zip! Meet the Moto Jean. #lifeisinthedetails

  • angelaberti24She looks sick.
  • melisobrienWon't be buying them because they don't come in talls!
  • shisha08She looks sick! 😱
  • semperfifam@angelaberti24 @shisha08 I agree! Not liking this new look of models ATL is experimenting with. It is turning me off from the brand. Hoping to see more happy and healthy models in the near future.
  • alimccoyrobertsWhat's up with her make up?
  • gl_bergenso true about the models, turned me off from the brand too.
  • sarahlynn_merrellI agree with the above posts--these poor models need some good hairstyling and makeup! I noticed in other photos too. Hair looks limp and boring and makeup vampire ish.
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