I just watched this. You should too. #blackfish
  • dansmithismI just watched this. You should too. #blackfish

  • 8ierra_mistIts crazy
  • matts_tatt_girlI don't know if I could put myself through it! I've heard its really upsetting!
  • corazoncynThanks for posting
  • lukedurkeeI saw this last week...pretty sick shit. And when the wank off the whale?! Disgust @dansmithism
  • dkaybonchI hate Sea World and all circuses that use animals
  • castaway666Is the sequel goldfish
  • nora1974My children will never set foot in Seaworld
  • solgrBest doc yet
  • hannabear@dansmithism I ask that you educate yourself about seaworld and the great things the do for animal conservation. This documentary doesn't make you think it makes you feel. It is filled with lies by people who left on bad terms with the company. http://www.insidethemagic.net/2014/01/seaworld-responds-to-blackfish-again-this-time-calling-the-controversial-film-propaganda-with-trainers-in-their-defense/
  • ravenmaddYeah... Cuz keeping intelligent animals in small tanks to perform for us makes so much sense ???
  • dansmithismI educated myself on what is right years before the documentary came out. If you think keeping animals hostage is somehow excusable in any way, let alone to fill the pockets of the suits that run these places, then there's no real reason to converse with me.
  • dansmithism@hannabear
  • apandamonium#zing
  • alexcolliscamHeartbreaking film that shows how despicable humans can be. Like this article http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jan/21/japanese-fishermen-begin-annual-slaughter-of-hundreds-of-dolphins?CMP=fb_gu
  • shelleysketchxCurrently watching this - It's breaking my heart SO much! I agree with what you've said @dansmithism
  • hotdog76Wow! Just watched this, don't think I closed my mouth all the way through! Very sad to watch but educating to say the least. Never capture what you can't control. #blackfish #orca
  • aris8@_kittymanga
  • kiimomoo@aris8 ayyyyyy finee!
  • aris8@_kittymanga so now you listen!
  • kiimomoo@aris8 you mean watch
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