• jezzbedwaniAB & RPatt relaxing with Jezz Bedwani at #SohoHouse #LA.
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  • nadineajami96@robstenchild Also, Do you think that all people can be "nice enough" to protect their privacy when they see then together? what a coincidence lol. Truth is: Rob and Kristen even rarely happen to be in the same country! Ha! When she's in L.A he's in London, when she's in London he's in L.A LoL
  • iheartlmcbtb@robstenchild if the papas knew they wouldn't hide it. They would make millions for that information. Also the Go Campaign confirmed he is her fiancé officially on Thursday night. I know lots of people have spred lies about this, but know that Rob would never hide his wife or children. He is very proud of his fiance twigs and is with her always because he loves her. If you need something official then yes, @jezzbedwani & @tobyduncan may be the ones to clear this up.
  • robstenchild@jezzbedwani You said 'let the fans know' to @tobyduncan . know what? What is going on?
  • robstenchild@jezzbedwani @tobyduncan what is happening? Why does the Go campaign say Rob is engaged to twigs lady when he is married to Kristen with 2 daughters? Please answer? Thank you.
  • jezzbedwaniI'm not too sure @robstenchild. @tobyduncan do you know?
  • robstenchild@jezzbedwani please be responsible for what you said. You said Kristen took this picture and they were preparing for the birth of their first child. How can you not know? You are their friend please tell the truth. We have never seen any babies. They are not photographed anymore together.
  • robstenchild@jezzbedwani Many days has past and you still don't answer. I see pictures of Rob and twigs lady at London airport, but never with Kristen. How can a married lady allow her husband to do that?
  • robstenchildWow, now the holidays have passed and still no response from you. Can you please tell me why? I'm asking an easy question. What is the problem?
  • jezzbedwaniI can neither confirm nor deny unfortunately @robstenchild sorry.
  • robstenchild@jezzbedwani Then why did you make such a statement publicly? You told people they were having a baby. Was that a lie? Why would you do that?
  • jezzbedwaniI think you confusing me with someone else @robstenchild.
  • robstenchildI will ask your brother the same question @a_bedders. Why did you tell this to people if it isn't true? Why don't we see them together? Why would you do that? A lot of people believe what you 2 said. @jezzbedwani
  • jezzbedwaniNo need to drag @a_bedders into this. He's very busy @robstenchild.
  • robstenchildYou said I was confusing you with someone else and that was @a_bedders. So i ask him because he is the one who said they were having a baby. @jezzbedwani So maybe you can answer now?
  • jezzbedwaniNo I wasn't referring to @a_bedders at that point. Let's leave it at that and end the discussion now. Many thanks and goodbye @robstenchild.
  • robstenchildOk, I understand now. Its hard to verify something to be true when its not. Thank you for making people believe in something that wasn't true.
  • robstenchildThank you, I will. Sorry, I thought his manager was Nick. @tobyduncan this was posted by @a_bedders and @jezzbedwani that Rob and Kristen have a baby but we've never seen her and now Rob is always with twigs. What is going on? You guys said this and now won't confirm anything. Please answer.
  • tracygee_I think Nick Frenkel would be quite interested to hear what you liars are saying about who is representing Rob. What is with this bullshit? Not funny, guys. Not funny.
  • emariam@a_bedders @jezzbedwani This Toby Duncan has NOTHING to do with Robert Pattinson, his managers name is Nick Frenkel!
  • bizzqueen@a_bedders one simple answer is all it takes ..please a yes or no answer. Did k take that pic of you, RPATZ and jezz, was k pregnant. Please answer, this will settle so much confusion amongst us fans. Also hopefully stop the bullying /death threats being aimed at fka twigs from hateful robsten fans she receives on a daily basis. she doesn't deserve it!! You guys started this please end it @jezzbedwani
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