Kanye Interview Magazine shot by Steven Klein. Interview by Steve McQueen.
  • kimkardashianKanye Interview Magazine shot by Steven Klein. Interview by Steve McQueen.

  • buss.dlamini@Kimkardashian Kim, my name is Busi dlamini and I Live in Johannesburg South Africa. I'm 13 years old and I'm a Girl. I'm coming to New York on the 25th of August till the 31st. I was wondering if you could please fly down and meet me. I'm only asking you this because you've NEVER been to Johannesburg nor done meet and greets there.You probably think I'm a crazy little child trying to stalk you but I'm not, I'm just trying to make my dreams come true and meet my Idol. I love you soo much and I'm your biggest African Fan. Meeting you would be a dream come true. The best possible date to meet you is on the 27th because that's like my only free day. I wouldn't mind meeting you at anytime except after 20:00pm I have a kerfew. If you could bring Kanye and North too that would be a dream come true or any of your other family members. If I'm asking for too much please do let me know I really don't wanna pressurise you. If you did this for me it would make my whole American experience a dream come true because it's my First time coming to America. I'll be going to Boston, Orlando, Washington DC and New York. I chose New York because I thought that would be the best option for you. I love you so much and if you did this for me I really have no words. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to New York I Love you from Busi
  • paulo21jorgetu
  • gbbyalczWhy are ya'll rappers always representing satan???
  • 3shge_ent_a@Kimkardashianmjbb
  • allexalldayHow the fuck does this represent satan you stupid bitch, you probable think he with illuminate too huh fucking idiot @gbbyalcz
  • metallica4breakfastz@amberr_megann babe unblok me and call me wen u leave ok
  • officiallexismithIlluminati forsure it's sad!!! They will wish they didn't when GOD comes and they will be left to burn read the bible
  • goldengalmaximusHell naw
  • goldengalmaximusThis is so obvoius
  • prince_damilare_adedoyinDoe in hell fucker ... I wonder what you're trying to teach your baby
  • foofoomeegooسويد احتررق 😱
  • libbypatel@kaneglover what's wrong
  • omar_masry_seoAre you crazy :// @_yaajairaa @canindian02 @samchu216
  • aaah_mariel_and_maxHe in hell!
  • californialover16Just like u see him in this pic he gonna burn in hell
  • eliosanchezad@help_shoutz got me 1k
  • jmm.aWhere da fuq is kanye
  • lady_boSatan himself
  • 1997.0.0@foofoomeegoo هو محترق خلقه ههههههه
  • burhan_14Helloooooooooooooo
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