First foray into #magnetic #nailpolish. LOOKS PRETTY KEWL #nailart
  • midge.clarkFirst foray into #magnetic #nailpolish. LOOKS PRETTY KEWL #nailart

  • craighuntressvery nice! The snake skin magnet nail Polish was so hard to use
  • midge.clark@hunter_craig this took a bit to get the hang of as well. Secret seems to be glooping on a TON of polish for the 2nd coat without spreading around too much, and also shaking the bottle a lot before each nail. Took a long time but seems worth it
  • craighuntressYeah I remember! The learning curve was so crazy. But that looks fly :)
  • midge.clark@hunter_craig thick application lead to a lot of bubbles tho, oh well
  • salvatoriellaI have that one too! It took me a year of owning it before I actually knew how to use it properly...
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