#mommydaughtermoment with my mom! 😄
  • kandi#mommydaughtermoment with my mom! 😄

  • cxrptlMama Joyce you got a Big head Too.
  • igneskiKandi, tell your damn mom off! She's horrid!
  • inspired_by_iYou are a good daughter to your mom because despite what she does, she can never say you disrespected her. I admire that side of you. I guess its a taurus thing because my bf is the same way towards his parents even though he be mad as hell.lol I'm not quite there yet. Lol my parents know they can get it LOL.
  • sole_addiction22Beautiful picture of you and Moma Joyce :)
  • maserati_mike050Which one is you you both look so young...smh
  • karlita20016I love you as a person but your mami has some real problems and you need to be a women and put her straight. Your not a little child anymore. She scared you won't take cares of her.
  • tiffany_latrice88Mama Joyce makes me wonder he is really after your money her or Todd
  • unforgettablelove2Mama joyce love yah bad
  • quikimpalaLove both of you
  • prettygurlly77#mamajoyce
  • sweetiepies4100Momma Joyce keep up the good work regarding your Momma duties....smile
  • themurphylifeWhy does anyone think she is a good mom?? She calls out Todd for using her daughter but yet she moved into their old house free of charge. Sounds like she is just scared he will take all HER come ups #truth
  • mrs._blu_jeterYour mother is your mother; good, bad, ugly and it's our duty to respect them no matter what! I'm not saying agree with everything, but a childs love and respect should be unconditional in my opinion. I lost my mother ger he
  • mrs._blu_jeter#MommaJoyce#team TAURUS!
  • lovethegame2014Hi kandi mom we love you to because without you kandi would not be who she is so we love you to because without mom help along the way and god know one would be who they are in life..
  • lovethegame2014I feel todd is a good man but regardless of that a mom go be a mom at the end of the day with look out for there child know matter how old they are in life.and when it come to anyone being with there child a mother put up their guard to everyone
  • lovethegame2014Who enters their child's life as a way of look out for there child regardless if you wanted the to or not belive me I know better then anyone because I've been in a 14 year relationship where 7 of them i been married to my husband and my mom still. Put here say so in my business some how so we over look things she say at time but it gets better as time go on just give it time and dont let it get to you its just a mother job they do to look out for there child where mom and husband gets along a lot better who new.
  • kingsabslaneHer mother needs to get s
  • kingsabslaneA life i understand she loves her child but this lady is miserable and Kandi needs to be her own woman , love and respect your parents but there r limits better her then me
  • xtremlyblssed_kPraying for you Kandi! Whichever road God has for you and Todd, only he knows. I'm just watching the latest episode & I wanted to cry with you! Lol I LOVE that you still stuck by your moms side bc you will only have ONE! 😘😘😘😘
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