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  • willbrinsonRichard Sherman just WENT OFF

  • wade_wilson@sw3rvh4m the better question is why did we write all that
  • wade_wilson@mathesonkwik he's a football player nothing he does matters. And you're not the only person in the world with personal days, ironically I took one today as well. And you can call me dumb but putting an apostrophe after a colloquial term doesn't make it proper. And my Porsche get more than 25 mpg so I don't understand your claim of it being wasteful.
  • mathesonkwikThey are required by the league to do interviews and press-conferences. BAM! I just explained why players should go through etiquette and PR training. In fact NFL teams already give them talking points and stuff. There....EXPLAINED. Easy again.
  • wade_wilson@mathesonkwik you can't troll me any more than you can explain why a person who makes tackles for a l Iiving needs PR training.
  • mathesonkwikAlright...I took a peek at your page @wade_wilson. There's more pictures of marijuana than anything else. Seriously, get a life man.
  • mathesonkwikI think that's checkmate there Mr Stoner. Can't take you too serious when you've got time to take pictures of weed nuggets.... Have a good day dude! :-)
  • wade_wilson@mathesonkwik Seriously?! The guy with 8 followers and 0 total likes is telling me to get a life? Dude you're delusional and you must really need some pussy. I also have pictures with "friends and family" but that obviously is a concept you unserstand.
  • wade_wilson@mathesonkwik and for the record only 1 in 4 of my pics show cannibus. That ratio is absolutely deliberate.
  • mathesonkwik@wade_wilson Is 8 followers not a lot? Well you win again.
  • mathesonkwik@wade_wilson Congrats on all your followers and your wicked awesome material possessions. You, clearly will have a much larger, much more valuable pile of stuff when we both die.
  • wade_wilson@mathesonkwik that was a subpar attemp at sarcasm considering you "pick this fight" by claiming you will live better and have more than black millionaires. But without family and friends what you should really worry about is how many people will mourn you when you die.
  • mathesonkwik@wade_wilson Without family and friends? Obviously, you've forgotten about my 8 followers...
  • wade_wilson@mathesonkwik I bet its more like five...three of those aren't real or the hit follow by accident. Even if that's not the case, news flash, none of them fuck with you, you never gotten a single like. I'm tempted to like one of your post out of sympathy. In fact I bet you only mention me so you could get some activity.
  • wade_wilson@joel_jbr you an absolute moron. This guy has a college education and he understood the question perfectly fine, he just said what he wanted to after Crabtree pushed him in the face. I don't know why "concussions" is plural he's only had one. Besides that the only drug he's been linked to is adderal. So even if he was under the influence during the game his cognitive capabilities would have only been increased. I don't know were you get your misinformation from. Sherman seems to be a happy, confident, young millionaire who is the best at what he does so I don't understand how you figure he's not living a happy life.
  • mathesonkwik@wade_wilson Unless you have a background in psychopharmacology, you're in over your head. A drug cannot, inherently, increase cognitive abilities. They are management tools. It's more like getting back to an equilibrium. Unless a person's cognitive abilities were deficient, to begin with, the effects would, more likely, be adverse. So, stop lecturing! 'Cause you sound silly.
  • mathesonkwikToo bad @wade_wilson here I thought you were a MENSA candidate. LOL
  • mathesonkwikG'nite @wade_wilson ! I have grown to think of you as an angry little friend, that lives in my phone/tablet. Sleep good Friendo.
  • wade_wilson@mathesonkwik are you making this up? Adderall is a psychostimulant just like amphetamine. It is prescribed as a cognative enhancer. It has been proven to improve performance and working memory in both normal functioning individuals and those with ADHD. What is this "getting back to an equilibrium" nonsense you speak of?
  • wade_wilson@mathesonkwik Also "Mensa" is the name of the orginazation not an acronym so it shouldn't be capatalized. By the way I do meet the requirement of scoring in 98 percentile on standardized IQ test.
  • wade_wilson@mathesonkwik lmao...alright that was hilarious...I'll give you that one. Be easy boss.
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