Having a laugh with Cate Blanchett on #SAG red carpet today. #greatcate #fashionista #gorg
  • giulianarancicHaving a laugh with Cate Blanchett on #SAG red carpet today. #greatcate #fashionista #gorg

  • jenwmurphyGreat dress
  • mlifto725You look beautiful @giulianarancic ! #amazeballs
  • _nurtom_🌟🌟
  • anneke.d.eThough you are both incredibly beautiful women, I have much more appreciation for your fashion sense than for Cate's. You looked absolutely stunning.
  • tianneclementsOmg that dress.,
  • elizzymaximoDo any of you have nothing else to say but bash her on her weight?? If you're here just to talk @#% then you should leave... Haven't any of you stop to think that she might be that skinny cause that's just her body type?? Her sister has the exact same body type she does. Some people are skinny, some are FAT, get over it!
  • rnasiimaLove the dress.great choice
  • jannujk😍
  • jkhensleyEmaciated
  • shahistalalani90holy skinny o clock
  • jordanatali3Tototo skinny looks disgusting and its a shame cuz shes actualy beautiful!
  • crr0716@Elizzymaximo thank God there are people like you, who think before speaking!
  • crr0716These people commenting have fatttttt faces
  • jaylin_juarnayWhat ignorant simple minded ppl. And most of you have weight problems yourselves ....such hypocrisy. She's on E living the good life and you guys are where? Oh thats right, we don't know because you're nobodies. Smh, get a life quick because karma's a bitch.
  • pr3cious1oPPL need to stop being so rude !!!!!!! About her weight !!!! What has our SOCIETY come to!!!! Its so sad EVERYONE says it's rude and mean to talk about ppl being overweight and calling them fat but it's also hurtful and mean to talk crap about NATURALLY THIN PPL!!!!!!!! It's not ok to call someone fat and tell them to lose weight and it's not ok to look at a thin person and say she's anorexic !!! Or she looks sick god made us unique so stop being so ignorant !!!! Get a life !! I think thin ppl go through the most crap !!! Because we are so used to seeing obese ppl now and when ppl see a thin person just because they don't have fat right away they get talked shit to ... PPL IT HURTS !!!!!! TO ALL THE NATURALLY THIN PPL WHO GET TALKED CRAP TO SPEAK Up!!! I agree with you @jaylovexo
  • jaylin_juarnayWhat she said👆☺ @pr3cious1o
  • kitschgirl78Cate Blanchet is SO beautiful and such a #talented actress!!
  • chanelsimone_5Shut the fuck up about her weight she is beautiful in every way!!
  • kare_mason59If they weren't complaining about how skinny you are they would complain about how fat someone was! Be yourself be happy don't worry!
  • pinkfrosting2That isn't her natural weight. She has lost a lot over the last few years and it looks unhealthy
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