Rosie the Riveter ;) #flannellove #zumiezlife #
  • bennylulu_Rosie the Riveter ;) #flannellove #zumiezlife #

  • victoria.goodwinrip 👼
  • mark2dragonIts a couple days away from the 1 year mark and I'm out here in CO missing your face. We were supposed to be @ xgames right now last year. I'm going this year in your memory. I'm going to send Elijah the deck I used to ride with you in high school. It was supposed to be for Xmas but I haven't gotten a chance to have someone paint the elephant you drew for me on the griptape. When I do, he'll have it. Its gonna take a miracle to make it through these next couple days. I miss you Bri. I love you like you'll never know
  • april_calucagRest in peace Angel ❤️❤️ one year in heaven.. How does it feel??
  • festivalofgoreIt was so hard. This was a horrible weekend. But you were in my dream two nights ago. You were trying to tell me something but I woke up. I miss you.
  • bre_elleYour still in my prayers💗💗
  • sxrxh.txylorYou crossed my mind today, rest in peace Brianna. You're missed❤️
  • allie.2004So sad that this was her last picture
  • sydmont_Rip 👼
  • bre_elleI still think about you! And you will forever be in my heart🙌🏾❤️
  • mark2dragonI miss you so much
  • lighting_jurobiRip
  • vibbinwitjassRIP
  • beautiful__destruction__Brianna, Nick misses you so much. He will always miss you. We love you
  • demented_grimm@bennylulu_ still missing you ❤️ :c
  • mamamaggie89Love you and miss you so so much. Can't believe it's almost 2 years
  • beautiful__destruction__Nick misses you like crazy Brianna. He's sitting here with me. He wanted to go down to the mall to pay his respects but he couldn't bring himself to. He wishes he could've stopped it as he was there. We both love you.
  • ejs0701Brianna, I can't belive it's been 2 years. All of your family misses you. ❤
  • blaze.jeyRIP 😇🙌🙏
  • g.lizzinthought about you again as I was scrolling through my Instagram. You were the reason I thought getting a trick board might be a good idea😂 turns out I'm much better at long boarding. Either way ever since you helped me put together my first board, I've been very appreciative. I don't think anyone will ever understand this person's motives or even their capability to do such a thing. The first time I walked into the new Zumiez at Columbia, I was overwhelmed at the idea that everything would just pick up after all that had happened. Even though time is supposed to move forward I wasn't expecting that. Wherever it may be that you are now, I know you're watching over your child and family. All the love❤️
  • ruckyeahHey Bri. Your mom showed me your instagram last night. I'm not on here much so I figured I would leave you a comment. I just now got around to printing pictures of you for Chris. He carries the one of you and lijah from the Columbia hotel viewing. Figured he'd like a better variety. Your mom, grandma, and I were looking at your pinterest last night too. I saw all the crafts you made and all the ones you were planning to make. Wish you were here to make those smores in ice cream cones again. And the awesome french onion soup Chris always raves about. <3 you
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