Group baby cobra pose (well, each of our own interpretation of the pose) #yogapostureoftheday
  • hilariabaldwinGroup baby cobra pose (well, each of our own interpretation of the pose) #yogapostureoftheday

  • perry_dlActually exposure to dogs early in life is thought to be protective against development of allergy later in life (most recently in PNAS Nov. 2013). The hygiene hypothesis at work.
  • hilariabaldwin@fafa313 they are all our babies. Thanks for the parenting advice, but our child is safe and well cared for. Everyone has an opinion
  • hilariabaldwin@perry_dl 🙏
  • perry_dlDon't embarrass the rest of the vets plz:
  • verogonzalez76Que bella foto! Linda tu bebe 🌻
  • yulia_baskinaO Carmen Carmen, you are too cute!
  • friscogirl10@hilariabaldwin I LOVE that you still include your pets in your pictures. So many new parents just forget about their sweet fur babies after they have a baby. You are awesome!!    
  • ric_govea 
  • lsmilowBangs are looking great
  • ladynxsBEAUTIFUL pose of you and your babies!!!!
  • jmurph38@friscogirl10 . So agree. One of my pet hates-people who put the dog out of the house when baby arrives then wonder why dog is jealous of baby! @hilariabaldwin . Great to see you are giving her tummy time-we didnt do tgat with our first and he ended up having to get physiotherapy! Lovely snap.
  • hilariabaldwin@fafa313 it's all good. Let it go. As I said, everyone has an opinion. Don't give it another thought 💖
  • fitnessjennaThis is so precious @hilariabaldwin ! And she's so pretty!!
  • knowyourroll11💕💕💕💕💕
  • susancwilliams♥♥♥
  • hilariabaldwin#hilariaypd
  • emilyyy_chenHiiiiii @hilariabaldwin did your doggies adjust to baby right away??
  • hilariabaldwin@itzmeeemilyy no... They peed on the rug for a while. Now they love her. It was rough but now they are so cute
  • gettapin62I would treat my dogs the same way as you treat yours. Pets are not pets but rather our children and deserve to be treated as such. You are a wonderful person inside and out!
  • natascharingThats so sweet hilaria
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