I was ready to hand over the crown. but I guess I am still queen of the house. #itsaboy #surroundedbyboys
  • gwenstefaniI was ready to hand over the crown. but I guess I am still queen of the house. #itsaboy #surroundedbyboys

  • robinmommadukesDon't know if you read this or not but I want to say I am celebrating my 25th year anniversary to my 2nd husband. I had 4 children when we got married. It has been a wonderful ride. He's a few years younger than me bit he was awesome with the kids, awesome to me. So I am proof don't believe the hype. Have a great life!
  • robinmommadukesP.S. I've never written something to a celebrity or whatever. And it wasn't a money thing. He was just working class same as me. People would actually say things like your so lucky to find a man when you have 4 kids etc. I would think he's just as lucky. We're a great family. Anyway I just felt the urge to say something to you as I wasn't looking for a man when we got together and never planned on getting married again. But I'm so grateful I did.
  • jedi.krys@yaz__vasq she was pretty here 😪
  • yaz__vasqI like this picture @jedi.krys
  • inkmonstarr😘😍
  • northcal_mamacitaCute pic 😘
  • gbbobcat34Can u send me a signed autograph please I love u and ur a good judge on the voice
  • isa.1236ssOne! 😃
  • christinarenaud_Gwen u are awesome!
  • ydbdbcbcbxbsJust thought I would go back in time a little bit, and well, you've always been gorgeous. Love you so much gwen, you inspire me.
  • gleamshouterHehe cute
  • chandlerhallman@gwenstefani you are amazing
  • rrizzyYou will always be queen. 💗 you!
  • maribratbergHi Gwen!! Pleas come to Norway, I have to meet you in real, I think I am your biggest fan in Europe!! You are amazing, and so cool!! Harajuku Girl💕
  • zsigmond_laci👑👍
  • shirleystewart22You are so beautiful! I'm a 61 year old woman who hates to look in the mirror. I had my time, I guess. Never as beautiful as you!
  • konizuerBig fan from day one u hit music industry big fat mwhaaaa😝
  • hayleymtsang@julifaranda I know you couldn't possible read all your fan comments but I just wanted to say that me and my mom are HUGE fans of you and that we went to your concert last night and now my brother is there tonight. You are such an amazing person and have a absolutely incredible voice! What a way to close down the venue!!
  • drizzyyyyeHi g
  • withlinesoaresQue foto maravilhosa
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