The Sport's Illustrated Swimsuit covers I was on changed my life. Can't wait for you to hear my speech about dreams on the #swim50 TV special!
  • tyrabanksThe Sport's Illustrated Swimsuit covers I was on changed my life. Can't wait for you to hear my speech about dreams on the #swim50 TV special!

  • imtiffanynicoleJust woke up from a dream that I had about you. We sat and talked for hours about life, health, goals, your new ventures. I felt so blessed to be able and have that one on one with you and you were so genuine. I truly look up to you; everyone knows it. Thank you for being a blessing in my life.
  • __.m.i.r.o.n.o.v.a.__You are perfect
  • m_ebelle@isecretly
  • ritaneeyyyyYummy
  • kamibuchananyou are my inspiration please notice me!
  • filippoomorotyra hello :) I'm your big fan, you really are unique! I always look on sky antm and love it! many friends tease me because I look at it but I like it, I watch it just because you're there and you're my idol, I admire you, you're beautiful, fabulous, I'd Qualcunque thing to see you! I love you tyra! @tyrabanks
  • teamfaultline.entLooking like a little Barbie doll
  • teamfaultline.ent:)
  • amina_djamaevaBeautiful girl👍
  • alanalanis25Wow!!!
  • sabrinavertellIt was great seeing you there your such an inspiration...
  • _alinasandf_очень классно
  • angeladarbinyanOh mu God !!!you are soooo beautiful😍😍👍👍👍😻😻 @tyrabanks
  • _adyson_102_@tyrabanks dear Tyra, I know you probably get this a LOT. I just want you to know that I simply love antm I watched every episode and season and because of watching the advise you give to the girls about embarrassing their awkwardness and uniqueness and how all the girls who have ever been on antm have a awkward and quirkiness to them and because of you people at antm and the girls who have been on here especially Allison Harvard and you mis.Tyra banks are the reason I want to persuade in my young modeling career at the age of 12 because I have a big insecurity about me having a second belly button aka birth scar I've always been shy about being a model I'm afraid people in the modeling world will look at me and say she can never be a model she has a huge flaw to her body I know people out there will think it and not except me for me but this year has been the most hardest year on me and watching antm it brings me hope that's someone will find me amazing and unique and ill be an inspiration to other girls with flaws to follow there hearts an dream I'm 12 years old and I'm still young and living like there no worries but a big no HUGE THANK YOU to the all the girls but specially you mrs.Tyra for bringing hope to me yet aging @tyrabanks please read!!!
  • _chanelsecretFavorite look on u Tyra ❤😘
  • fartova666I love u Tyra!!! U r strong and fabulous woman and I admire u💕💕💕💕💕
  • yuliafaistВосхитительно!
  • allaboutmodeling_You look a bit like Kim Kardashian
  • shepeleva_katrinkoСупер!
  • tyrabenks_lolКруто, великолепно и классно!!!
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