Don't have a January #birthday? Don't worry: you can still wear garnet (and look great). #Kohls
  • kohlsDon't have a January #birthday? Don't worry: you can still wear garnet (and look great). #Kohls

  • fernieuHow much?
  • cuhlette_i have a january birthday and i love this 😊
  • madi.hdbxnxToday is my moms bday. Lolol
  • krisdeniOh yeah I was born en January!!!! Hey my birthday is tomorrow lol 😉☺y yo quiero un regalo asi 😉☺️😊😝
  • 8mzbhayvinMy birthstone is truly a beautiful gem....
  • kohlsSorry to hear that @kimieshepler! Please feel free to check it out on by searching item number 461229
  • kohls@p01s0n_1vy It's so pretty! ❤️
  • kohlsHappy Birthday @celestesstyles4less! We hope you have a wonderful day today!
  • kohlsYou can check it out in our jewelry department or view it on our site by searching item number 461229. Hope that helps @willwrite4food!
  • kohls@claramae97 Happy belated birthday!
  • kohlsHope your mom had a great birthday! @ayeitsmaadi_
  • kohls@cmglorioso_xo Well happy birthday month to you!
  • kohls@fernieu This 10k gold garnet ring is $450
  • kohlsBeautiful @j_suarez8800!
  • celestesstyles4less@kohls Thank you! Got a kohl's giftcard that's burning a whole in my little pocket, birthday shopping is definitely in order!
  • kohlsWoo hoo! Now that's the best way to shop @celestesstyles4less
  • 08sasha08I have a January Birthday :) Mine is coming up in almost a week!!!!!
  • kohls@08sasha08 Happy early birthday! Any plans for the big day yet?
  • 08sasha08Awwwwwwwwwwwee well Thank You :) Yes actually! I'm going to Toronto to see Les Miserables! And I am going to meet up with a friend who lives there! I haven't seen her in six years! So I am going to hang out with her for the afternoon.
  • kohlsIt is online @omg_jackiee_ Just search item number 461229 on to see all the details!
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