Our journey began back in '02... Any photos to share from your first 'Roo? #tbt #bonnaroo
  • bonnarooOur journey began back in '02... Any photos to share from your first 'Roo? #tbt #bonnaroo

  • daniellanicholaFirst year was 2010, can't believe how much it's changed in a matter of a few years...none the less, I'll be returning for my fifth year this year.
  • asher804This year will be lucky #7 for me! 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, (2014!!!!!)
  • buschk102008 first year
  • 504yearpumaBeen there since '01 dawg. #CoolerThanYou
  • tefad@whimsyme_
  • jake_a_roe@rachelmk__ same!
  • sest0@michaelrossromero
  • fruit_and_icecream@bonnaroo Real Estate, Wavves, Mac DeMarco, shpongle, St Vincent! I would love to see these people at the farm!!
  • langdonalgarGoing with my brother from another mother @rrvde in '10 totally not knowing what yo expect and having the best time of my life. #bonnaroo
  • thatkatiegurl2013 was my first roo! Paul McCartney was the best way I could ever imagine to be initiated into this fabulous way of life. Soooooo looking forward to going back!!!
  • suzannedanzigerphotography2009 :)
  • jlj123456Lucky number 13.
  • fabaoahadag2997@jessgh11 oh yeah itchycoo!!!
  • vuh_nes_a2013 was my first roo and it completely changed me!! I'm still depressed im not on the farm right now!
  • ghost_of_a_fleaI love roo and I go every year but there is no doubt it gets worse every year. It's more of a hipster party now than a music/arts fest.
  • scatterbrain27A hipster party @guveneur1?
  • long_distance_drunk33'11 was my first & I've been back ever since but I swear I'll stop giving high fives at the arch if lady gaga is a headliner @bonnaroo. Please don't make me leave home...
  • prepschoolhippie77Oh my @bonnaroo , oh yes, I do have pics from the very first Bonnaroo, and the second as well....I will have to dig them out!!!! I remember
  • prepschoolhippie77Whoops, my whole crews' excitement and curiousity over this new, huge festival with one of the best lineups we all had ever seen! We were blown away, to say the least over this magical, humongous festival....the li
  • prepschoolhippie77Whoops, the first one paved the way for all the big festivals these days, as the festivals at the time were usually on the smaller side, going to the Gathering of the Vibes a few weeks after the first 'Roo was a letdown!!! :-) Sadly, I haven't been back...just too much randoms there for a party and there should be a focus on jambands, bring the magic back!! Im glad to see the festival is still going....but not enough music of my liking....love you all, I.will have to find those pics!
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