Surgery went well and I'm resting with loved ones
  • lindseyvonnSurgery went well and I'm resting with loved ones

  • harriettbryanttSpeedy recovery! Done the same! x
  • shawnrenefit😀👏💞👍
  • gibsonb.galleryWhat a great way to feel better! Dogs are a great therapy!! Love this!
  • stadler119🌞🌞🐾❤️
  • love...puppies heal
  • keltonsergioMaltacelya
  • walterangieLove your socks
  • karinass71sEs la más noble excepción de amor y amistad ...tu perro ...tu amigo!!
  • karinass71sExpresión **
  • austolt#staystronglindsey
  • derinevcimYine TV kumandasına uzanmışın farketmedim deel 😉
  • elle_b_youngYou are soooo cool Lindsy
  • jello_janey_20Hi, Lindsey im in fifth grade and we are doing a project on a olympic person and i picked you i love skiing and i was just wondering how did you recover from your bad fall?
  • jello_janey_20@lindseyvonn
  • laura.cragoI recently had two knee surgeries, and have been following you for inspiration. Thank you for being strong and letting us girls know we can accomplish anything!! Random fact: had those same socks for my surgeries! 😊👍
  • nrssnyder@lindseyvonn - I am going on my 9th surgery after injury in Vail and subsequently being hit by a drunk driver. 3 ACL replacements, meniscal tears, and recently a lateral meniscal root year. I swear our pics are so similar, post op photos, Marciano pump removals....including the cute dog to help get us thru. Your toughness, perseverance, and journey brings me strength. Thank you.
  • makeup_girl_nailsThat is so me awesome dog #1 fan
  • bricheema@jtaylor250 aaaand she just got her 63rd win the other day
  • brysontolley@cammrrii I have those socks
  • oscarbautti@lindseyvonn Came on!!! You are a very hard women!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼🏆🔝
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