Nothing in the world quite as nice as looking at #mediumformat slide #film on a light table with a #loupe. #filmphotography #believeinfilm
  • conqueror_ofthe_uselessNothing in the world quite as nice as looking at #mediumformat slide #film on a light table with a #loupe. #filmphotography #believeinfilm

  • joshdea_This is beautiful! E6 processing?
  • conqueror_ofthe_uselessIndeed it is, @buhnanaman. Scans and prints of slides just don't do them justice. The dynamic range and color saturation is unbelievable.
  • joshdea_Beautiful indeed. I have yet to see one up front. Too bad we dont have e6 in the Philippines anymore :(
  • conqueror_ofthe_useless@buhnanaman send it to Korea! It's really cheap here. About $8 to develop and scan a 35mm roll of E6. My lab does mail order. Google 'fotomaru' they have an English page.
  • joshdea_Noted those details! Thanks 😃
  • highfieldmediaYou can develop E6 yourself, it's not super difficult, you just have to be careful with the temperature control. A DIY temp controlled water bath is enough
  • oh.okHey, these photos are really great! I found you through reddit browsing /r/analog. I'd definitely like to experiment with slide film, but don't know where to start. My parents were avid photographers back in their day and still have a decent amount of equipment for it, but in terms of film and cameras I'd have no idea where to start looking. Any tips or suggestions to get started?
  • conqueror_ofthe_useless@ianhaskell if you already have an analog camera, just put some slide film in it. It isn't any different than color negative film in terms of use. Finding a lab that processes it might be a bit harder. You may have to mail it to a lab. When shooting, be sure to pay close attention to metering because slide film doesn't have the same latitude for over/under exposure that negative film does.
  • oh.okawesome, thanks! i really have no idea what im doing when it comes to this stuff. ive only seriously gotten into film recently. thanks for the info, and ill definitely do some research.
  • childish_honbinoAmazing
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