Having a major #L'OREAL hair moment:)
  • leamicheleHaving a major #L'OREAL hair moment:)

  • karlaalvaaradoI love so much you're perfect😍❤️🙌
  • demis_pussBecause you're worth it💆 no seriously you are!
  • belocac_I love you, love your songs, you and very diva
  • sophiemayburyI love you so much you are my idol! ⚡️ you are gorgous and so so so strong I would love to be just like you when I'm older!💕💕💕⚡️x
  • jessicaamaesHow can you even be this stunning? I love you so much angel! I think that you're just amazing! And I just have a lot of love for you like loads of love like tons of love just for you ❤️❤️❤️
  • karmengrdzI look like u and u r my idol I will do anything to meet me!!! Your my sensation I would hope to be like u someday😊 proud☺️strong
  • numitech@msleamichele hi ;-)
  • jaureguis.beanieYou smile makes me smile, you are my inspiration and idol forever. Stay perfect 😊😍🌟❤️
  • emma_deboleHaha #me @lilyygudoski remembered this pic
  • lilyygudoskiHaha yes @emmadancey363 😂😂
  • alm55tarمتسنعه 😒
  • itstomaroGorgeous! My wcw! 😍😍
  • greetleysenYou're such an inspiration for me. You're a beautiful, strong person! Love you
  • song_bird_103I don't know why but this is like my FAVORITE picture of you 💖😘
  • ay.hajji@ayaabuhamdan ana agoool wyn shyfj mn 8bl, 6l3ty famous 5rj wallah xD
  • ayaabuhamdanWynnnn shayfneee lool men hayyy??? @boyasna_
  • itsxfranYou're my idol♡♡♡ i love you
  • amyyalleyLea, I know you aren't gonna see this but you are my idol. My favorite person. 😍You make me smile every time I see a photo, or a video of you💕💕💕 I love you sooo much😘😘 You have gone through a lot and to pull yourself together and create an album, still support programs and stay on your show is amazing. You have no idea how much Rachel Berry 😊 and you as yourself mean to me😘 listening to your music makes me happy💕 watching you go on talk shows and being strong in the world because you know people have gone through worse is amazing. You accept that Cory is gone and you are living life as if he were right next to you💋 I am so lucky that I live in the same time and place as you.💞 for a girl who was on broadway at age eight, and got to star in her own rock musical by age fourteen, you had a lot to live up to🎀. Being on glee at age twenty two... Completely reminding the world about funny girl and Fannie Brice😂 and reminding people about how dreams do come true... You are more than just my inspiration, you are my favorite-ist most admired person out there💋💞💞. I just wanted to say congrats of everything... Being perfect, inspiring millions (such as me😊) and being stronger than everyone thought you would be💁. Thank you for sharing your story with me and the world. And most of all, most of everything lea💕🎀. Thank you for your music. I love you so much 😘👌 please keep on making albums and making me smile and laugh because you are so talented and good-hearted nobody could ever stop you from being so amazing💞💞💗. You shine like diamonds💎💎 don't forget that💗💗. Thank you for making me a better person💞💖 thank you lea michele @msleamichele
  • gikarol_fernandesBeautiful! God, love you.
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