At #CES2014 we announced AT&T Drive Studio, a 5,000-square-foot facility in Atlanta where carmakers and developers can work on new connected car technologies.
  • attAt #CES2014 we announced AT&T Drive Studio, a 5,000-square-foot facility in Atlanta where carmakers and developers can work on new connected car technologies.

  • alzanki@sometimeshaya this is way too cool! Let's pay them a visit!
  • griffindubloisWhen your warranty center sends me a phone is it used or refurbished or new
  • jayalexlisonI hate your company. You have canceled on my account 4 times in the last week. I have called to talk to a manager and they put me on hold for 50 minutes then hung up. This is how you treat you customers? Good riddance to a company that nobody knows what is going on.
  • att@jayalexlison Can you provide us with some details? What's going on?
  • jayalexlisonI have been trying to sign up for att uverse because my DSL has been so bad cutting out for literarily years. After calling and running tests on my area they agreed my service would be better if I upgraded. Since then I have scheduled 4 different install time windows, no joke 4, each time I have had to call back when no one shows up. People pass me around saying they can't help and I am speaking to the wrong person. Finally called up and asked to speak to a manager. Was on hold for 50 minutes and then click hung up on. I give almost 400 dollars a month when all is said and done to your company. To say I am upset is an understatement.
  • resourcemindedSwitching to T-Mobile tomorrow
  • att@griffin_dublois_19 The phones are certified like new.
  • griffindubloisNo is there a way I can get a new one cause that's bs I pay this much and get a d
  • att@jayalexlison I can understand how this has been a frustrating experience, Jay. We will be happy to see what’s going on with this inquiry. If you like, feel free to e-mail your account and contact info to and we can review this. Please be sure to put your ref:_00DE0czFk._500E08pQ3s:ref in the e-mail subject line. Thanks, Tricia, AT&T Social Media Manager; 8:30am to 5:30pm EST M-F.
  • loopymangoLast year Jun. I went to ATT to get a international texting and calling service for two weeks for my trip to italy. I was making sure that I only had to pay $40. 6 months later,today,I went to ATT to request same service for my trip and found out I have been payed last 6 months without knowledge it.I had to call customer service and talked to a operator and her supervisor and they kept telling me "due to the policy,we can only credit up to 3 month"they kept repeating this sentences again,again,again like a parrot. Personally the sales person I spoke to should have warned me that I had to cancel my plan as soon I got back,but he didn't. How on earth I would know that I was going to be charged. I always use pay by phone service to pay my bill. I truly trusted the system. I don't understand how can you extend services without customers permission.if I needed longer service I would have call ATT. I think it is like another name of scam. I was also very frustrated the operator's accent which Even my friend an American
  • loopymangoCouldn't understood.English is not my first language. I feel like something is not justified here!!
  • att@loopymango I would be more than happy to look into this for you. Email me at with the following reference # in the subject line: ref:_00DE0czFk._500E09FgKa:ref. Please also provide your account info and contact #. – Tricia A., AT&T Social Media Manager
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