I wish I could wake up like this more often!
  • theradavistI wish I could wake up like this more often!

  • hkniversAh, you just answered the next question I had before you answered mine. :) What was the air temperature you think?
  • theradavist@hknivers 35F - so, I had a thermarest sleeping pad, wrapped in an emergency blanket / tarp and slept in merino base layers / down jacket and a 40* bag.
  • hkniversHmm. Interesting! I've slept in tents in warmer temps than that and still froze. Might be that when you get off the ground that it doesn't suck the warmth out of you. I'll have to try this out. Pretty awesome hammock if all that gear fits in it with you!
  • forbesthebrit@johnprolly check out SoCo hammocks. Fair trade company that's based in Austin and donates to non-profits
  • theradavist@forbesthebrit pack able and lightweight tho?
  • theradavist@hknivers you just gotta drink more bourbon before you sleep! ;-)
  • forbesthebritThe single is just under a pound the double is 19oz
  • theradavist@forbesthebrit rad!!!! Thanks dude!
  • forbesthebritNo prob! I've been looking around cause I want to get into bike camping myself
  • mikaeluusitaloUltralight with backpack or heavier with panniers?
  • theradavist@mikaeluusitalo rando bag with layers, food and camera. Sleeping bag on back, camping / clothing in two panniers on front
  • mikaeluusitaloNice, looking to shed rando and panns and go backpack only.
  • hkniversAaah, what we where I come from refer to as a Beer Jacket. ;)
  • aleksgrynis#intothewild
  • r_o_b_s_o_nWhat hammock?
  • mostlysquirrelsWhutchu think of those disc breaks on the roadie?
  • theradavist@mostlysquirrels it's a touring bike, not a road bike ;-)
  • idawg@johnprolly I'd like to take credit for the term 'crackoons,' having (spontanwouslyused it with E and S on a quick night of camping on Diablo last year.
  • idawg(spontaneously)....but think everyone should have their own crack-addict-ish raccoons when camping, of course. 'Hey, buddy, what's in that bag, huh? It smells *amaaaazing*!!'
  • theradavist@idawg fuck yeah you did! They told me!
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