Can we ban bottled water now?
  • davidlebovitzCan we ban bottled water now?

  • malice1605I get your point: there are a lot of frivolous uses of bottled water, but with all due respect I think there are a bunch of people in West Virginia who would prefer that bottled water not be banned at the moment, seeing as how their tap water has been contaminated.
  • katiepetuniaI've had trouble with tap water in other countries. Would tourists just have to drink other things?
  • thebelleisabelle@davidlebovitz plastic one for sure!
  • cjewellsLet's ban Socialism instead
  • jen_argueHard to ban, but we need to learn discernment, like how we've learned to turn off the water while brushing our teeth. Also, check out It's from my pretty cool town- GRap!
  • pyre_neovladnesfirst, let's ban Hépar. the most disgusting bottled water ever!
  • glorindielit would be easier if everyone had regular access to clean water
  • fabiolamarianaHere in brazil we use gravity water filters, but more and more people buy bottled water.
  • sprinkledjessYes, but only after the people in West Virginia are allowed to use their tap water again 😕
  • davidlebovitz@baconnotstirred Cigarette butts on the street. They take 12 years to decompose and there are ashtrays and trash cans all over Paris.
  • davidlebovitz@malice1605 If your water is no good, that's one thing. But the tap water in paris - like many major cities - is fine to drink. In fact, studies have shown that some bottled water is not exactly pure as we've been led to believe.
  • davidlebovitz@baconnotstirred And in addition to that, the cigarette butts are ugly to look at.
  • davidlebovitz@baconnotstirred And I'd also like to ban people leaving dog droppings on sidewalks. I think it's unsightly and unsanitary, especially for children playing on the streets.
  • queenieohearts@davidlebovitz agreed on all accounts, especially the dog droppings!
  • clareinblueI think cigarette butts and dog mess already are 'banned' in most European cities - what we need us enforcement. This stuff is low priority for police but matters a lot to citizens
  • malice1605Understood, Daveed.
  • kitschmich👍I agree and cringe when I see people Sporting around Huge cases of bottled water in their carts 😣
  • davidlebovitz@kitschmich it's also irksome when these companies try to convince us to buy something when it's already free and is something that is included as part of our public service
  • mycroftjonesonly if we can also ban fracking, amiright?
  • hedvikafredrikaThere is an excellent documentary you all should see: The Bottled Life; the Truth about Nestlés Business with Water... Using local water, selling it back to people - esp. in Africa and even in USA~ criminal ! @davidlebovitz
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