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  • parmaleemusicDid y'all catch us perform at the Carolina @Panthers game today!? We had a blast even though our team lost... It looked like California alright. #FeelsLikeCarolina

  • wilkins1213Thats pretty awesome
  • southcarolinianCongrats y'all!
  • krystal0882Not a Panther fan, but being from NC gotta say it was awesome yall opened today
  • wellnesswizeDamn niners!
  • eringoobraghlessNiners baby!!!!! Love u @parmaleemusic !!!
  • alyssaustWow awesome, I can't say how proud I am of you all♡ I Love you all!
  • kimrashleyIt was amazing
  • djsandradeeYa'll #ROCKED IT! 💙💙💙💙🔥🔥🔥🔥👏👏
  • katebmac1@drewsapp
  • brittnicolevans614Lovevit
  • brittnicolevans614@staceyr27
  • evaporsI was there!!! Yall must have performed before the game started
  • caelyn.loves.jesusHey y'all! Do u remember me? I'm Caelyn Stars daughter! I was 4 last time I saw u!! Hopefully I can go to another concert soon!!🙏🙏😘😘
  • cwarlick1975I know y'all did great... But from where I was it sounded like scott was totally off from everyone else..so proud of you Josh!
  • meghanw4774You no it's a good day when you hear a Parmalee song on your way to work and on our way home from work! Thanks for making my day that much better! Y'all are practically family lol, my uncle was y'all's baseball coach when y'all were little. Love y'all & the fact that y'all don't forget where you come from, that's what I call good ol southern boys :) @parmaleemusic
  • starlove17It was the sound not Scott. It does it w/ the invocations, the Star-Spangled Banner and other bans. There is a delay from when they play or people pray, speak. Echo.. When they upgrade BOA, sound system needs to be upgraded too :-). #parmalee rocked it @ #panthers @cwarlick1975 We have noticed it w all performances. Dr Jesse was playing the trumpet on point and it had a delay w/ the sound system too. :-).
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