• jonnyhinesphotoBallin'
  • nathan_1985I'm sure you're missing the home training roads of Essex and Kent deep down...isn't Matt Brammier now riding for Baku?
  • wigglecyclingProf renners right there
  • taogeogheganhart@jon_cannings @wigglebikeshop been to long man! Hope you are well. T
  • felixmeo97Hey ive been following you on instagram, im a new zealander living and racing as a junior in Italy, what grade are you this year? And have you got any races in northen italy this coming season ?
  • taogeogheganhart@felixmeo97 hi dude, that sounds cool, nice one. I'm an u23 this year, not sure if I will be racing in Italy but would love too so we shall see!
  • felixmeo97Well let me know if you come this way ! @taogeogheganhart
  • bookishmonkI've just gotten into racing and a lot of your posts have pushed me out the door to go train. Do you have any advice for an 18 year old looking to break into the u23 scene in a few years? I live in America. By the way you have some AMAZING writing skills by what I've seen on your blog
  • taogeogheganhart@sgmountaingoat hey dude, that's cool, thanks for the message. Hard to say without knowing how much you are doing but I would say just ride you bike! Enjoy it and do it as much as you can really. Find someone with some racing experience and try to ride with them - a good group where you can pick up tips and the know how. Find some different terrain, even if just tiny small hills, and just push yourself! Best piece of advice I've come across is there are no shortcuts, you get out what you put in... Hope that helps my man.
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