The Leafs have now lost four straight following Friday's defeat in Washington.
  • mapleleafsThe Leafs have now lost four straight following Friday's defeat in Washington.

  • alex_guzzoI think they'll get the win tonight if they're defence pulls together
  • simmergill_Better win tonight!!!💙😕
  • jeremy_buddHave they even won since they signed that over priced defence man.
  • _benasdfrerLosers 🔰😈🔰
  • sam_taylor25@canadianblakeon there's tons of rumors. Probably about as many rumors as there about why your life's so sad you gotta hate on a pro athlete on their Instagram account. Oh you play house league? So I guess you know what it's like to play on the nhl ice eh? Shit it's the same thing ain't it? Tomatoes Tomatoes? Ya the leafs may have USED to do that but if you took your head out of your ass anytime during the past year you'd recall from TOP to BOTTOM (including mlse) they've got new leadership. That old excuse doesn't float anymore kid.
  • andrewbonkReim is out of time #Berniertheboats ☝️
  • t.armani_82That's true but you can't use that excuse for everything they should not lose 4 straight games they have really good players Luple,JVR,kadri,kessel,gardiner,And Riley but saying the suck is going to far
  • t.armani_82There not losers @cardealer1 i like to see u try to be in the nhl
  • wipeout2lolLeafs need to get their shit together @timliebregt
  • 23jxsephWoo Caps
  • saraagalatiNo u didn't leave him alone
  • lacrossemantylerDang caps won a game it's good for them but the leafs are better
  • emmaroach__@jcourtphotography i totally admire what you say. and its true i would much rather have reimer on my team. the more carlyle plays bernier, the more reimer looses his confidence and thay is why he doesnt play as well as we all know he can.
  • emmaroach__thats*
  • coop_14_Oh muffin
  • harrisonb921977I was there beside James Riemer!
  • davidkonyerHaha lost to the Capitals
  • mikesworld____Reimer @hockeylover704261
  • adchayyan.rScrew Washington
  • jcairns16@itskatie__ ya what???
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