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  • misspotterphd|| SERENDIPITY || On my desk at work is just one picture -- my Grandma Carlson at 18, on top of Rockefeller Center, clutching her Brownie camera. Like me, Grandma C loved to read, travel, and take photographs. We were the best of friends. Grandma died unexpectedly in September, and this was followed by two other significant family losses in a month and a half. 2013 was the hardest year of my life. Grandma was ready to go, though. She missed my grandpa. I have never seen a closer marriage. When I went home for the funeral, my mom handed me one of the music boxes Grandpa made Grandma. The note inside said "BJC: the love of my life. CEC." My heart broke all over again. Setting up this shoot for #whpblackandwhitevideo, all I had in mind was the playful idea of putting a candle in the flash pan of Grandma's Argus C3 -- the camera that succeeded her Brownie. I grabbed a flashlight to selectively illuminate the scene, and I figured this was also a good time to play the song from Grandma's music box. Only later did I realize that the flashlight I was using had been my grandpa's, and that the music box tune was "You Light Up My Life." They did. They do.

  • misspotterphdBuenos noches, @paulabedmarpulido. ;)
  • misspotterphdThanks for dropping by again, Maurice. :) @maurice
  • freyham1000th like :)
  • paulabedmarpulidoQ chulo el video
  • paulabedmarpulidoSigeme
  • queen_colleenGlad they are together again.... Sorry for your loss.... Lovely video.
  • bowseryThat's amazing. Beautiful. Be strong
  • indievid⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👌📷
  • miulanaleiI know how you must feel with your loss, my Mother, my best friend loss her life a few years ago and I use photography to embrace all the creativity she has given me throughout her life. I absolutely love this piece. Simple yet so well thought and executed in such a lovely manner. Most of all, I enjoyed your honesty through your words. I've only seen a little from your sharings and I know I'm going to enjoy a lot more. Wishful healing vibes for you and your family's loss. May creativity flow for you...
  • kokokarmesiamazing
  • recoveringmusicianI love everything about this! I love the fact that you tricked me. I didn't realize it was a video and I thought I was seeing things it having a brain seizure. I must say this fellow Tennesseean especially loves the story! This was a treat!
  • msbrasil2000Fabulous for #antique_r_us
  • _kaylahontas_I have that exact camera! But I don't have the flash... :(
  • athousandstarsThis is so wonderful.
  • s2acyso sweet ... love stories are the best ❤️
  • stestarhcBello!
  • rennupuspitaarCoolness
  • serafinas_windowLovely
  • toni4ballWow... That's pretty awesome. 😘😇
  • eyewanderer❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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