If clouds weren't common they would be objects of awe and wonder. Nice to see them over LA.
  • joeroganIf clouds weren't common they would be objects of awe and wonder. Nice to see them over LA.

  • windmilldunkDid you see that non melting snow in ny? @joeroganexperience
  • kdubpetersonThat's a smog pocket of chemtrails
  • gooddoghectorThanks to @joeroganexperience there's clouds in the skies lol
  • stenzelironGet high in high places!
  • lookatduanestuffLol such a stoned thought.
  • coldkoolerI love these quiet little moments before the storm.
  • ned__wThey're amazing anyway, fluffy figures of condensed liquid droplets that float above us and constantly move and make shapes. It's a fascinating world we live in.
  • oh_k_noSame as stars and the moon. You gotta pretend you've never seen them before to enjoy their true beauty. It's the key to appreciating everything in life I believe! Froth on brother! ✌️@joeroganexperience
  • mayer_____Thats smog son, get an iPhone better quality pics
  • surlyoldmanChemtrails
  • haejfundmanagerreminds me of Emerson
  • cloudobserversclouds are awesome #cloudobservers
  • 51branoblurry blurry skies...
  • jborrelli19Oh no chemtrails!!!!!!!!! Haha #whackjobs
  • eli_magnumYou are high as fuck!
  • exclusively_veryrareAbove the crowds, above the clouds where the sounds are original
    Infinite skills create miracles
    Warrior spiritual -- above the clouds
    reigning/raining down, holdin it down. Rip guru
  • sherrrwoodedibles while flying, nice :)
  • soniacisneros5@joeroganexperience watching ur videos on YouTube dang deep thoughts! Never knew that side of u! It's crazy!! Now u got me thinking . "The thought of existing forever and the thought of never existing at ALL!" Ugh.... I start thinking crazy stuff!
  • og_kswImmortal technique podcast= FUCKING EPIC!!
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