Super Bowl shopping
  • kristendouteSuper Bowl shopping

  • ladybennettjScheana is not you're friend, girl. Stay away.
  • stephkuni@ashleycitt ???!!!! Do u see this ? !
  • brittg26Love the show, but so fake!!!!!
  • elise_sxoxoOHHHH lawd, y'all some internet gangsta bitches, thinking this is some type of chat room lmao. To the bitch kissing her dog, maybe you should turn to God and ask Him how to be less phony yourself because judging me is real hypocritical of you 😘 and to the thing with dreads from Hong Kong I don't know how they spell shit where you're from but fortunately, I do 😉 and to ms hunchback .. I guess you gotta get in where you fit in, hoes sticking up for hoes. Go kick rocks
  • _jessouza_@kenley_cody ?
  • jens_world79That's outta hand! #AA
  • kennychesterScheana run away from Kristin and hide yo man cuz this bitch is bad news
  • kennychesterAlthough your both cheaters so maybe you deserve each other's friendship
  • miss_anahi_papi_@kennychester your stupid. You do know that scheana is a homewreaker too?
  • dashalexandrovna@taylor_bescoby
  • ashquin3Why is sheana hanging out with this tramp?
  • dreadanielleeY'all bitches need Jesus !!!!
  • abdiel_rojasSheana love her and Kristen love her too
  • kristenz218Cases? No?
  • kryptic13Lmao @dreadaniellee haha^^ ur comment
  • melanie_armstrong1I spy my favorite Pinot- Meomi!!!
  • marleepetrieYou are friends now? So this either proves one of two things...1) this show is totally scripted, or 2) @scheanamarie is so disgustingly desperate for friends that she would allow someone to treat them the way you did and still be friends with them! Not sure which one it is but I feel like it might be a bit of both.
  • amarie2829@marleepetrie huntay! This show is legit almost is as scripted as the hills! It's gotten rediculous! Lisa just wants more coins!
  • beauxbatonsgirlUgy
  • robyn_cipolloIt's scripted/staged like the hills has the same writer
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