@brunomars killed it! What did you think of the halftime show? #superbowl
  • pacsun@brunomars killed it! What did you think of the halftime show? #superbowl

  • ginairaniCool
  • marilu.mieses@brunomars i love you!! <3
  • local.marcWrong Christopher Maurice brown should had performed and dance the whole time and sing
  • brody_grantFreaking amazing. I wish I had his voice.
  • beautiful_lyricalI loved it sooooo much!!!!!!!!@brunomars
  • official.davisBest halftime yet beats beyonce by a mile😲
  • sophievince@tennenbaum6 MY MOMA GETTING THE TICKETS TODAY AHHHHH
  • lexinichsi loved the red hot chili peppers but why were they there if they only did one song? 😳😐
  • lexinichsAnd of course bruno mars did amazing 😏😋🙊
  • erin_herzogI wasn't expecting it but he actually did a good job
  • myeyesaregrayAmazeballs!!!!! RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS 4 LIFE!!!!!!
  • kellyelectric09At least there was a little entertainment in the worst Super Bowl ever... Not a lot but at least a little
  • sunshine0232@hunterfishback15 whatever dude. Ledgends come and pass. Dont get your panties in a wad... im not saying bruno is the new king, i am saying he resembles him. Big difference. Get it right. Nobody could replace elvis but eventually someone is going to be just as good. Bruno may be just that. Its a new day and age sweetheart.
  • hunterfishbacksweetheart? panties in a wad? excuse me, but i didnt intend to come across like a bitch, but you certainly did. And i knew exactly what you meant, so dont tell me to get it right. i understand what you were saying but frankly i disagreed, and if u wanna get all pissy because someone didnt agree with u, be my guest bc i dont Give a flying Fuck. it is a new day and age, but bruno doesnt even resemble elvis. elvis was an international icon. they still make movies about him and even kids know who he is, and he lived a long ass time ago. i just dont believe bruno will leave that kind of mark on history. @sunshine0232 oh amd one more thing... shuuuuut theeee fuck up!
  • sunshine0232Bahaha you trip me out. Im not trying to be a bitch. We disagree end of story ;) @hunterfishback15
  • hunterfishbackaight. i just hate being talked to like a child @sunshine0232
  • sunshine0232Lol if you knew my sense of humor you would have thought otherwise. I didnt mean it that way. Sorry dude! @hunterfishback15 its all good!!
  • hunterfishbacks'all güd @sunshine0232 srry
  • mel_tb06Great Show...so fast❤️
  • qeabape@whoopsmag
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