This is bananas.
  • wonderlandhawaiiThis is bananas.

  • janeloveehmm I wonder what @christophertsou's original comments were. probably wasnt as angry sounding as this one lol, that's what happens when you delete comments just cuz they're negative. anyways, the podium was THE WORST venue I've ever been to. couldn't even enjoy dada life's set with everyone trying to bum rush the entrance and chanting "LET US IN". plus I felt like I was gonna die from the heat. straight up sauna in there (the stink from everyone's body odor did not help) it was gross. just gross. kakaako or blaisdell would've been so much better.
  • noahhashThe Wonderland team tries their best to throw event worth the money we charge. Every venue has its problems and I think it's unfair to assume every event will run flawlessly. Negativity towards our events or any other edm events in Hawaii isn't gonna help the edm scene move forward. I would still like to know who an A-list dj is considered to be.
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  • janelovee@_noahhash the music was good, but the venue was awful. I'm sure the majority of the people who attended agrees to that. no one wants sweaty bros dripping body juice rubbing up on them. 🙌
  • noahhashCompletely understand the heat. Negativity won't do anyone any good. Let's try to promote positivity for edm.
  • noahhash@christophertsou I'm not sure if you know this but everything in Hawaii cost more including artist. Try to guess how much an armin or Hardwell event will cost?
  • noahhashThere are always problems at events you act like we weren't there with you guys dealing with the venue. And it sounds like you want Wonderland to post pictures of every problem. We learn from each event and each new venue and try to fix them.
  • noahhashI don't know what you commented before but if it was anything close to the slandering of the comment that I first responded to I can understand why they would delete it. It's called constructive criticism so keep it friendly and most time people will take to it easier than bashing them @christophertsou
  • noahhashYou have the freedom to say and do what you will. It's hard to please everyone. There will always be problems and nothing is ever perfect. It's ridiculous to expect it. Go back to 4 years ago we've grown since then.
  • noahhashLet's keep things moving forward. @christophertsou
  • wonderlandhawaiiI delete comments as I see fit. Plenty of criticism on our page that remain because of the way its presented. This is not a public forum, this is a companies page. Feel free to message us on Facebook if you want your opinion to be heard the clearest. Otherwise it seems like your just bashing to be a cool kid. -Keegan
  • wonderlandhawaii@janelovee kakaako is no longer a usable venue, that is why they are no longer there. Blaisdell events must be finished by 12am, which for us is not the best rule to abide by.
  • janeloveewhaaaaat that sucks 😩 hopefully the next event will be better ventilated and have easier access to the stage.
  • janeloveeand p.s. people bashing comments should be deleted too. @killahkau07's criticism towards another person doesn't seem to be "presented" well. 😂
  • janeloveetrying to call someone out and meet u up "in person" to tell them they're pathetic for disagreeing with you sounds like bashing to me, actually it sounds like a threat. but hey, what do I know. maybe you were just plannin to give the guy a hug and spread the plur. other than that, yes, you did state the facts. could it have been nicer? yes.
  • janelovee@killahkau07
  • janeloveeI just see both sides where everyone's coming from. I moved to hawaii from la and the hawaii edm scene is a big culture shock from what I'm used to in la, so I understand his pov too. but I also understand where you're coming from also. hawaii is expensive af. no biggie. y'all should make a trip out to cali and rage your balls off
  • janelovee@killahkau07
  • wonderlandhawaii@killahkau07 thanks for the back up. I would agree it was a little brash, but hey, this entire convo is sparked by peoples strong will to help make events better, on both sides, so to each his own. At the end of the day, we know what we need to do as a company to move forward and get to the next level. Its impossible to have a perfect event, no matter how hard we try. There are problems at every venue, and sometimes you cant foresee them. We will continue to do what we feel is best to host the next event and capitalism can decide the outcome :) Its meant to be fun, enjoy it.
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