We decided to announce that....we're having another boy!! We couldn't be more excited!
  • kristincavallariWe decided to announce that....we're having another boy!! We couldn't be more excited!

  • mirandablanco@juliarosey
  • blankeekreations@kristincavallari Hope you check out #blankeekreations, handmade baby blankets; for your little peanuts
  • dorotaeva7Love the fact that your not vaccinating your kids!... Autism has gone up sooo much and it is for sure directly linked to either vaccines or the chemicals in our food! People are so easy to agree with everything and say yes to vaccines but you actually read about it and trusted your gut!! I would never put something in my kid I wasn't sure about! Don't ever let anyone make you doubt yourself!
  • miamia88Good! You raising a girl would be the worst possible thing... You being such a bitch and all! Lol!!!
  • marissa_pufferSooo happy to read your interview where you don't vaccinate!!! We are a non vaccinating, young living essential oil loving family! We need more people who have the ability to reach out to millions! With you having a boy soon, you should also research circumcision! Www.drmomma.org and www.savingoursons.com are great website resources!! When someone told me to research circumcision I laughed! Now, I am SO GLAD I did :)
  • diapersdotcom@kristincavallari woo-hoo congrats!
  • greeksta77You need to vaccinate in a country where cultures are mixed & bringing over their diseases ! You are offering your kids no protection god bless them! Foolish choice! ✌🌺
  • nowimsuupapeach@greeksta77 it's her choice tho. So you can promote vaccinations on your own ig. The audacity of idiotic ppl
  • nicolelising"It's"?? No no... HE'S! He's a boy! Come on... 😉
  • nicolelising@naturalkia such a great fan, rolling ;)
  • kayy_taalynThen why did E! say it way a girl like a week ago?
  • kayy_taalynWas *
  • kwarr_tg@casandralgrace
  • missjellyfish2@kristincavallari I'm sorry, but You're gonna have to have another baby, and I'm pretty serious about that, You're too pretty to not pass this beauty to a little girl.
  • chanwoo10@evan_griffith 😋☺️
  • amelia.scott.9843Love this
  • ellecatz@ericazambri
  • ericazambri😍💙 @ellecatz
  • rikamarleyI'm hoping for a beautiful little girl like you!!!!🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀
  • _luvee3@porschheeee this is cute
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