Daniel Paille flips a shorthanded bid on Ben Scrivens this afternoon vs Edmonton. #NHLBruins
  • nhlbruinsDaniel Paille flips a shorthanded bid on Ben Scrivens this afternoon vs Edmonton. #NHLBruins

  • leobyersThis is coming from a 4 year old kid that look like he had a chocolate cookie for the first time. Why the hell are you on the Bruins page? STFUYLBAFSH @kontoponopolopolis
  • hannahtracy18@kellyburkexx yes best time
  • cbh1167Good job guys!!👍👍
  • kontoponopolisGuess what u guys like men
  • detroitvelvetsmooth_Why are you on this page? Why are you being such an ass? Your gonna get these hate comments because your hating yourself. @kontoponopolopolis
  • soxytim29@kontoponopolopolis really? Why would you even type this shit. Just stop
  • emilylovesjellyfishAre you guys serious? Arguing like little bitches on Instagram??? MAN UP ...You wouldn't say shit if you were face to face.
  • johncox85Currently in love with this girl^ finally someone says something that makes sense
  • joe.daly6I when to that game
  • corso_2Such a great game and I was there
  • msklad@kontoponopolopolis come to Boston and say this shit to our face....you won't. Hiding behind a picture. Why would you bring up the bombing, that was done to Americans not just boston you dipshit
  • collsuth23@kontoponopolopolis dude screw off. boston is the only city that would shut down and find the bombers. Why don't you come to boston and say that to our faces. I am pretty sure that you would have a meeting with Shawn Thorton and Milan Lucic in a dark alley. SCREW YOU
  • mskladEveryone go to hood profile and report him
  • wilmcmillBased on my understanding after speed reading this stupidity going on here, we have some smartass kids on instagram (using their parents android or iphone to sign in) who picked up this language from limp bizkit songs. All you losers stop procrastinating and get back to your homework before you repeat the 6th grade again. Btw my profile photo is indeed me when I was young, but I'll be 27 this month.
  • ricky417armstrongI was there
  • joeparr_Went to the game
  • kaylasanborn_PAILLE <33
  • andremyselfbrady@_mvpkillercelticsheat simply because there are some younger people who are mature enough to be on Instagram doesn't mean you are.
  • andrew_og10Any one please follow me
  • danny_2005Daniel Paille is awesome ☝👍
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