• nyrangersOMAHA!! #NYR

  • hockeystyle3He also has hands
  • hockeystyle3Hes also the captain on a successful team for over the years since torts took over. I don't see the Sedins, Thornton, or any other high paid captian on a "underperforming" team. (As in not winning the cup). Callahan=playoff hockey=cup.
  • mrmodinHe also gets hurt
  • bhfosterWe even get the party city logos in practice photos?
  • willowzartarianMet Kreider and Talbot today!!
  • dennisd007Twerking OMG
  • dani.scheinerI was at the game yesturday
  • jbhockey#keepcally
  • gorangers0525@hockeystyle3 compare the sedins, and thorntons point production to Callahan. Callahan hasn't touched 30 goals or 60 points. He's a 45-55 point player assuming he's not injured. Grinding players wear out faster, he can very well be on the downside of his career. You can't pay a player for what he did in the past, it's about what he will do in the future. He's been noticeably softer with his injuries. To say that he's the reason for the rangers "success" since the torts take over is a stretch and calling him a first liner is definitely a stretch. He's a solid all around player who plays his heart out, but theres plenty of those in the league who wouldn't ask for a contract like that, especially if it meant hurting the teams chance of success.
  • gorangers0525And why would the Rangers just give him up for nothing if he went to free agency? Also god forbid he gets injured in the olympics than we'd be beyond screwed. I want cally to stay, but in the salary cap era hockey is a business, and a bad contract or two could easily break a team.
  • briebellaaa_Keep 24
  • kitkatgirl1125#keepcally!!!
  • buongiorno142#keepcally
  • c_teets19#keepcally
  • iamgregorybojko#keepcally
  • modest_reggieCally gotta go
  • rozuhlee@meowllarney 😼
  • liam_904Let's go rangers😄
  • nadine.mLmfaoooo
  • hockeystyle3@gorangers0525 Dustin Brown is on the first line
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