Hey Japan!
  • gabrielleaplinHey Japan!

  • whyismybreadshit"Gabrielle Aplin arrested in Japan under suspicion of drag racing" ;)
  • madeofcryztalAaah gabby kawai~
  • theuncreativesit would be lovely if you dropped by the philippines
  • marohoneywoooh cawaii
  • marohoneyi missed that program even im in Japan ;(
  • 4obnutshi,gaby:) Kawaii
  • meganorangeee@bronaghmurphy_ seen this and thought image of you here! Twins? Xo
  • bronagh_murphShe looks likes she's in prison :P she stole ma nose! @meganorangeee
  • emilymtgyShe does not look like she's in prison thank u very much.
  • illmdfkJapanese prison 😮
  • millefiorichikaHello!♡ I'm a japanese!! ilysm😘💓💓
  • miminewtonn@illmdfk how is it prison.
  • miminewtonnI love you gabby! you're literally my idol and ahhajavsjsvsjabsh😊I'm Japanese I get so freaked out when I find out you're there, I can't wait for you to come back🙌🌸
  • illmdfk@mimirainewton aha I'm not calling it a prison. The colour of a top reminded me of a jumpsuit then you have the plain background 👀 relax just a joke b 😂
  • miminewtonn@illmdfk okay sorry😂😂😊
  • bbinderukmug shot lol
  • whale_swiftieHi there was a day when i had to go to sleep, it was 12 midnight after listening to Panic cord, I toss and turn in my bed, I couldnt get to sleep because panic cord, ur song was stuck in my head. It was there till 3.00Am and i was really fustrated . I was so in love with ur songs that i could get to sleep at night, And theres this person singinf it to me "you kept all the things i threw away" Or not it would be "maybe, i pulled the panic cord" It went on and on till 4.00, But the thing is, I LOVE UR MUSIC so much. It has inspired me so much. thank you so much Iloveyou!!!
  • whale_swiftieI couldnt get to sleep at night*
  • hxrxpxrxdGabby kawaii😘💓
  • ryotajnI saw this in Japan! I wish I could be back to past.
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