Do you think @zumiez sauce is also ketchup?? (Thanks @lexiguenther for the pic!)
  • zumiezDo you think @zumiez sauce is also ketchup?? (Thanks @lexiguenther for the pic!)

  • skatebeerd@swisherpete going to school for business lol something you clearly know nothing about. And you know what's good for skateboarding?! Haha definitely not hating. You're a pussy dude, a college degree in literature and you're damn near illiterate. Good job. What do you do for a living? Talk shit on Instagram? Have fun man. Grow up one of these days. Go skate and stop being a bitch.
  • skatebeerd@swisherpete you're what's wrong with skateboarding. Hard headed assholes that think they're better than everyone else. Instead of being about skateboarding. I'm done.
  • swisherpeteI told u I feel like spelling werds like I like to spell them greese ball, I don't do anything my sponsors pay me to live in NYC and skate anytime I want and put video parts out! Don't be mad cuz you got fat and can't Ollie over trash cans! I switch heel flip over ur fat belly with ur mall gauges mall kid! Oh I ment #zumiezkid @mattperezdts
  • swisherpeteCan't believ I just wasted my time on these mall kids, back to this money I was gettin
  • swisherpeteAn then the pussy blocks me, what happen did I expose you to the rest of the real skate world lol! Just tryna learn frm a great 2nd store manager zumiezkid I want to be you man why Block me now I have no style cuz I can't see ur lol @mattperezdts
  • skatebeerd@swisherpete okay. Lol. You're argument loses credibility when you have to come at me personally. Get a life faggot. My gauges? Really? Lol I've had them for like 6 or 7 years. Nice try. You're such a loser it's ridiculous. Hopefully I'm not using words that are too big for someone as slow as you.
  • swisherpeteNo need to justify what year you got gauges, think about who's the looser...... Me "lives in NYC skates for a living>you zumiez 2nd store manager.... get my drift @mattperezdts and pls stop tryna act all intellectual, you sound like a monkey my friend
  • swisherpeteI didn't block you why block me!?
  • swisherpeteNever mind I apologize @mattperezdts I'm actually a really nice guy! I do kinda sound like a dick head i will admit
  • swisherpeteSomeone got ridiculed!
  • skatebeerd@swisherpete nah man. Not at all. Haha
  • b.craig84A douchemob blocked me. Guess he hates being called out for well...being a douche.
  • cochiloco300@zumiez are y'all gonna get the diamond supply x Nike SB dunks?
  • ethan.coonsHaha
  • b.craig84@thereallynchmob you're a Dickface that's why. You think you and your band of shitty tattoo brothers are so awesome. Your style is terrible and skating is even worse. It's times like these where I bet you wish you had an education above the 8th grade level. And no smoking weed, pushing mongo, having dumb face and /or any of your shitty prison tattoos doesn't make you cool. You want so badly to make everyone think you're some über cool skateboarder. Reality is you're a wanna be thug who is most definitely employed by KFC. End of story....dick
  • jbarron8675309Don't fuck with @beaverknowledge
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  • mikecvrroll#342 ✌️😜✌️#342
  • r.ocSCAM ACCOUNT - @zumiezshop
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