• j_evans1219❤️🙌👪

  • im__daniellee@iasmimw you can't even spell!!! Good God!!(:
  • mamacass102Janelle ur unbelievable. That's not a compliment.
  • ladystandstrong#wcw @hotfukindog
  • im__daniellee@mamacass102 why comment at all?!? You don't like @j_evans8209 why you all over her shit! You don't like her, your obsessed with her! Lame ass!!(:
  • elise.wellsAnd Ur still that pretty with great clothes and a baby on the way
  • infinity_an_beyond144Yes u were not a very good mother to jace but i have faith that you changed an noww a good mother who cares what they say u are so pretty no matter what @j_evans8209
  • kaminski_anniecute sweater @j_evans8209!!! looks so cute with baby bumppppp
  • heavenines_Yay I'm so glad u decided to keep it
  • mfnprincess96Do ik u u look so familiar
  • cravingappalachiaOmg love this sweater! I have it in cream!
  • paris_by_kaitlynI'm sooo happy for you!!! Nathan's luck lmao😍😘
  • alma.lopez23Is she pregnant by Nathan.?
  • trubrooGuess you gotta keep them tv checks coming, Thas only reason u having another 1
  • tat2sgvCan't even take care of her other child rite. Her mom has to your a looser
  • baboyceI just can't believe you aborted your other baby. I was about to do the same but the clinics that I walked in to were disgusting. After I left there, I got an ultrasound. When I saw that baby on the screen, I knew there was no way I would even abort it. Now he is the love of my life. Seeing that ultrasound screen made me realize that it was real and I needed to make the decision to not murder and pull apart a real life human inside of me. I am a teen mom. I had my son Baylee when I was 17, I am now 18. I hope I can help out anyone considering abortion. It's not a good way to go
  • oliviarcuevasAt least she's trying with Nathan , if you actually watched teen mom 2 you would know why she got an abortion . & she did the right thing giving custody to her mom , on the show she says she wasn't in the right place to take care of jace . But now is different she's changed a lot @tat2sgv
  • liljennayd906How do u say I can't believe u got an abortion, I went to get one but the place was dirty...in the same breath but trying to bash her lol.. People r funny
  • diabeticatedThere are tons of women - not little girls- that struggle with infertility that would give their right eye to take EVERY aborted baby. It kills me. Breaks my heart!
  • sunniebabyxoxoLol @ people bashing her still for stuff she did as a teenager. Yall must have such great lives! Lmfao.
  • alexiasbubble@laullol c'est cette coque que jarrive pas a trouver
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