Marzipan Tortoise: another new color introduced in our Spring Collection.
  • warbyparkerMarzipan Tortoise: another new color introduced in our Spring Collection.

  • ymed_Awesome!
  • vanderpAhhh I wanna try the Preston with this color. I have them in whiskey tortoise
  • vanderpI'm trying to get to a store now that I'm in NYC! Love y'all.
  • t_leaI will definitely be starting a Warby Parker collection. I love all of you glasses
  • aspiring_slothJust opened my newly delivered specs only to see this.....crap.
  • morganwiseI want to get eyeglasses but my prescription is four years old. Do I have to get a new one in order to get glasses from you? @warbyparker
  • hannsrf@msturts ❤️
  • marioabadAre you glasses made in China??@warbyparker
  • goseecal@marioabad they are! 👎I would love to see them bring their manufacturing to the US.
  • warbyparker@marioabad @goseecal Our frames are made of cellulose acetate sourced from a 150-year-old family-owned Italian manufacturer. The frames and their components are crafted in China at factories that our founders and staff regularly visit to ensure both the integrity of the manufacturing process and the quality of the working conditions. We also partner with an amazing organization called Verité that regularly audits these workplaces to ensure safe and fair conditions for employees. After the frames are completed in China, they are shipped to our lab right here in the US, where we custom-cut prescription lenses and ship them off to customers!
  • warbyparker@morganwise You will need an up to date prescription in order for us to fill it. Hope to get you in some new specs soon!
  • sallyjianglove it
  • vera_gasparian@biagasparian12 eu quase fiquei nesse aí !!! Acredita ???? Ownnnn
  • marioabad@warbyparker Wow that's awesome! Thanks for clarifying. I love your product!
  • slimt1213This is perfect! Which styles have this?
  • biagasparian12Own @veragaspa ... Os nossos já estão a caminho!!!!
  • kvonwickham@warbyparker I ordered these in the Kimball. Can't wait!
  • hejitronPlease make some wider frames! Most of your frames are too narrow for my wide, square face :(((
  • warbyparker@slimt1213 Kimball (optical) and Reilly (sun) come in our new Marzipan Tortoise color.
  • kellyhadapartyI also just ordered these in Kimball! Wiiiiii
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