• humancroutonzzzzzzzzz

  • molly_daniels_In honor of your grandma? irelandbbaldwin?
  • molly_daniels_Either way, love it.
  • aimeetloveI love it
  • chefdeedradrakeShe didn't get them to please anyone but herself. Take your hateful comments somewhere else. Spread the things you love not the things you hate!
  • ohhdani"What does ur tat mean?"😂😂
  • tay13rIt's funny that some people actually think that people with tattoos give a shit about what others think of them. Trust me, we don't give a fuck if you like them or not.
  • eve.ruisiOMG love
  • themadkatter93Your tattoos are beautiful, and I'm guessing they have meaning to you, so don't pay attention to these Negative Nancy's
  • jgallant24What dumb tattoos
  • divaliciousmommyLOVE the tatts! Go gurl! Who's your artist? Im looking for good artists in NYC. Any suggestions?
  • iamafricaDon't let the negative attention get to you girl, you're gorgeous, smart and talented. Haters gona hate. You have a great fan base of people from all over who think you're awesome. Keep up the good work 👌😍 #spreadlovenothate
  • rina_may_mayI like your tattoos. There is a saying...haters gonna hate.
  • brandon_s_davisBelieve it or not, most of us with tattoos get them for ourselves, not to make others happy. They're daily reminders of important parts of our lives, issues and ideas we hold so deeply, we don't ever want to lose them. So if you don't like someone's tattoos, maybe you should try to understand what they mean to that person first.
  • aldunn12Funny how the ones talking shit don't even have pics of themselves on their Instagram. Obviously there's something worse wrong with them & they have to talk down others to makes themselves feel good.
  • tinasevicThat's a fucking sick tattoo!
  • lume525beautiful like your mother!!!
  • nessleecoxYou have beautiful flawless skin no more tats :(
  • sierranardellaThis tattoo @rebeccakolarich
  • sirdavidsimonnotice me
  • donniexx👏👏😍😍
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