Freshen up for the New Year: Prolong the life of your makeup brushes by deep cleaning them once a month.
  • baremineralsFreshen up for the New Year: Prolong the life of your makeup brushes by deep cleaning them once a month.

  • tinkyfandisneyNeed 2 buy some of this. Maybe soon.
  • alorajonesAlmost out of this :( I love it so much! 💕
  • deskar005Dr Bronner's soap is great at cleaning brushes. I do agree they should be cleaned more than once a month.
  • alexfofeProject for tomorrow
  • marissa_gemmelWhat can you use without buying this to clean the brushes?
  • stephsoutherlandHahaha!!!! That's exactly what I thought @sarasbearxo
  • shelbymcmurrayI literally just did this earlier! Nice clean brushes for back to school after break😋
  • veronical1116Lol I wash them at least once a week!! Lol not once a month and I use the cleaning spray between washes, I do use the bare minerals shampoo and cleaning spray thou 😱😊
  • myshelliswhiteI use johnsons baby shampoo to clean mine
  • loves2makeupI never soak mine ... but I would recommend to wash them at least once a month. Wash your "touch up brush" every two weeks and if you're oily and or acne prone.. every two weeks. The well cared for gives a deep clean and condition. The quick change is great for travel, in between color/products and basic sanitation. Been using the products for 10+ yrs and worked for the company coming up on 8 yrs #ilovewhatido
  • juu_fncsHow much?
  • imdebsterUlta carries the bareMinerals Brush Shampoo and Spray!
  • thebagladyboutiqueYour brushes will last forever if you use well cared for! We love it!
  • honestlyashlyn@bareminerals- I use your stuff like crazy! Huge fan of BE & BM. I saw y'all came out with a new eyeliner, are you planning to have a packaged deal? I'd rather buy a set, then each one individual. Thanks! :)
  • mayraymejia@ashlynyatesphoto they have a package deal on right now! A 3 pack!
  • lilycfraustoI need to try @bareminerals but what to choose🙊
  • _cl.93I need this! 😱
  • jackoliverxAll these brushes... We need the all on counter
  • ktlynking@lilyyfrausto their cream concealer is pretty good :) it's a good start and girl who doesn't need concealer 🙈
  • lilycfraustoThanks
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