It's ok to speak up, they can't hurt you. Tweet. Shame. Let the people know, and we may just feature you next. #Uncarrier
  • tmobileIt's ok to speak up, they can't hurt you. Tweet. Shame. Let the people know, and we may just feature you next. #Uncarrier

  • leoiphonedudeSucks that at home 4G is limited cause I live near an edge an LTE/4G but when I'm outside or the cities I get the internet an I ain't complaining no more cause sprint either slow as hell or switch to roaming an no calls or text came by later a day an I'm happy to be back with tmobile their service so far has improve when I left for sprint 2 years ago came back so much happier now I got iPhone an LTE in my city ! Thanks tmobile u guys have improve so much an my plans are cheap comparing to sprint !
  • nickmyster86I love t mobile.
  • nickmyster86T-MOBILE IS THE BEAT OVER SERVICE. IVE HAD THEM ALL. ALLWAYS HAPPY WITH T-MOBILE. I HAVE GOTTEN ATLEAST 10 people to switch to T-Mobile and everyone has thanked me for it. Keep doing what your doing T-Mobile. You are on the right track and already other carriers are trying to follow your foot steps. You guys do it better
  • tmobile@nickmyster86 Thank you for the shout out! WE are happy you are enjoying the network.
  • kartik.agg@the_mexicutioner001 it must be u holding that cuz u used 21 gb last month XD
  • emmamarlboroughplease love me again
  • nickmyster86Anytime @tmobile
  • tmobile@emmamarlborough We are waiting to welcome you back with love.
  • imjosueeeee@tmobile please pay my eft so I can come back home ... Att n their fees r drowning me :-(
  • rsan0612@tmobile if the rumors pan out to be true, you have a VZW customer with 4 lines headed your way. Tested your network, I'm in love.
  • tmobile@rsan0612 We are waiting to welcome you to our family!
  • imjosueeeeeI called CS today & someone told me that @tmobile is making a big announcement in 2 days... Shaking up the industry ... PLEEEEASE let it be the ETF so I can leave AT&T
  • thesocialgamerSo true .... goodbye Straight Talk hello......TMOBILE!
  • tmobile@josuegamez_ Have you made the switch?
  • linda_simply_beautifulI went to the Bahamas and I was using my wifi to call my husband and my family and I never put roaming on my phone and now they are charging me 600$ how is that not a hidden trick
  • tmobile@simply_lindas_photography Can you shoot us an email with your name, mobile# and issue? Here’s the email:
  • bmarieexxMy parents have been with T-Mobile for 16 years! Faithful customerss right here :) we ♥ yalll! !!
  • tmobile@bmarieexx Thank you for being a loyal customer. We love you too!
  • kira.morganI have been with TMobile for 21 years (when they were V-Stream) and right now I am ready to make TMobile my #UnCarrier
  • tmobile@morgankira Wow that is a long time to be a loyal customer. Thank you.
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