It's a #onesies kinda day:) #saturdaychillin #babyduke @boohoo
  • giulianarancicIt's a #onesies kinda day:) #saturdaychillin #babyduke @boohoo

  • mthimjonThose are the best days!
  • mebakkieWe're have onesie day at our house too! Enjoy
  • gabriella_charalambidou*an onesies
  • missmoe333@kathleen45larsen just like yours #awwwww
  • anou3_Trop beau bébé !!! So cute duke #baby#
  • ohnorepoAdult onesie!? Tell me where to get it!
  • mandarin86@emlevlove you got Rowen the same onesie! He's so stylin'
  • arunachicI like your long hair .
  • sanaandthecityI saw @elbell1416 - so exciting!!
  • emlevlove@mandarin86 I should take up a new career as Baby Stylist!
  • byfierThe baby is so cute
  • oo_d_riiYour baby sosososo cute ! ! !
  • luv_melbourne_So adorable
  • toncamSo happy for you Julianna & Bill.👏baby Duke is a cutie..!!!! 👍
  • ana_alice44Baby Duke! ♥
  • caro_497Love you G! Duke is so cute ❤
  • mononcles@giulianarancic mammina sei dolcissima 💞se vieni in Italia scrivi qua su Instagram perché spero tanto vederti
  • maikemellerSo cute! ♥♥♥
  • ysnamdnaOmg! I'm so happy to know you have yout baby already. I know I'm kinda late but I stopped watching your show and I was going through your pics and I came across this pic :)
  • kristylinkous Boy meets girl. They fall in love. They get married. For most of us who experience this, the expectation we have for our lives is that we will then have children. For my brother and sister in-law, God decided that "children" for them was not going to follow the traditional path. They were not going to be able to have their own. But God also gave them the hearts to be open to giving love, a home, and a family to a child who is in need. Sometimes we don't understand God's plan, but we have faith that the path He has given us is the one we are meant to be on. Brandon and Lindsey Swan began their family with a beautiful little girl through surrogacy, and now want to expand that little family by adopting a child who needs them. If you've ever desperately wanted something so bad but had no way to get it, times that by a million, and you'll have a tiny glimpse into the heart of those who struggle with fertility. And then if you heart tells you to: give. Give a little, or give a lot, but let's get this family a child who needs love, laughter, arms to hug them, and kisses goodnight. Let's do this because though it's not our path, God has given us all the opportunity to walk with those who need our support. Love to you all! And thank you in advance for giving, or sharing this post, or your positive thoughts, or all of the above! Xoxo
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