Look at this queen
  • torreysmithwrLook at this queen

  • dirtybirdcuatroAye bruh F #TMZ we your fans and raven fans know the real big bruh no need to say sorry if your ever in Cali hmu I would love to train with you in the off season check me out @torreysmithwr #wwechampionship #desertchiefs #ravennation
  • spitts12Stfu he can say what he wants. This is what's wrong with America people like you. People should respect the man's views not hop in his case for something your assuming
  • tina_annnPeople are too sensitive anymore. It's a picture of his BROTHER & he can say whatever he wants! FREEDOM OF SPEECH! The ones who are ALWAYS so quick to judge, are usually the ones with the BIGGEST skeletons. If you don't like it, UNFOLLOW him!!!!
  • tina_annnAnd well said. @spitts12
  • neeyo75Never knew "queen" was a "homophobic slur", this coming from a gay man...interesting.
  • principessa_rebecca_@dwampls calling someone a queen has absolutely nothing to do with homosexuality people need to stop being so damn sensitive.
  • keidelgregIts his brother had people get a spine
  • iamdrugzzzAll these people on here crying get y'all suspect/ closet asses out here wit that emotional/sensitive shit! He was joking wit his bro damn!
  • rohanbotica@coreyjblair it's his brother. Maybe if you weren't so sensitive, you would have somebody close to you that you could joke around with.
  • sarah_rader_Torrey I'm a huge fan!!!!!!!!!!!
  • dior_monroe@the_mrsmurphy I normally don't respond to ppl on here but I couldn't help myself... So joking with a sibling is considered bullying??? "Queen" is in no way comparable to "fag".... Yes he's a role model and he has young fans, but don't take something harmless to the extreme and make him out to be someone he's not... A bully.
  • jdizz12345@dior_monroe clearly the media disagrees.
  • mcl927@the_mrsmurphy should I believe and trust all the medias opinions?
  • mchammer989@the_mrsmurphy he's a role model to kids that's just a joke not saying oh yeah he's gay so deal with it
  • vikkiiiii_xo😂😂😂😂 yessss! look at this Queen , forever in some damn flower power socks @travyaadsmith
  • tutafinesseking6300@beautyfully_broken don't be a hater
  • vikkiiiii_xolol you got it your majesty 👑🙍😂😂
  • vikkiiiii_xo@travyaadsmith
  • old_accout_laneyNice socks😂
  • tjruskowski25@travyaadsmith I like your socks XD
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