One of the best scenes from one of my favorite movies The Bicycle Thief by Vittorio De Sica.
  • thesartorialistOne of the best scenes from one of my favorite movies The Bicycle Thief by Vittorio De Sica.

  • nytrendymoms@thesartorialist @skipp2mylieu sounds like a very interesting movie. I need to watch
  • noemi.25This film always makes me cry 😢
  • thesartorialistOn the Bowery is a similar American movie but totally different story and available on iTunes
  • arrecogiendobellotasEssential. Essential italian neorrealism. Imprescindible Vittorio De Sica. Ladri di biciclette es una obra maestra.
  • soltantounoFantastici!!♥♥♥♥
  • lisbonbylightI saw it when I was a kid and it made me understand the sacrifices you do as a parent
  • daphneopThat was a beautiful movie!
  • donald_soutarStone cold classic 👌
  • javimussiettgMira @a800xl el ladron de bicicleta
  • lex.weinsteinExcellent film! Morality struggles, Italian passion, fantastic lighting and naturalism...perfetto 👌
  • teknikolour@mayliwanag remember this?!
  • maylcoronelHahaha @teknikolour of course! How can i forget!
  • dvillelaI love the bicycle thief
  • mamavalveeta03A must-see film!
  • msvisineWill have to find it. Sounds good!
  • lekic021De Sica The Greatest!
  • mariel_v8You should watch Ladri di saponette/ the icicle thief by Nichetti. It uses the same plot as ladri di biciclette, but it is set in the late 80s. It also talks about today's commercialism. Really funny movie. @thesartorialist
  • mariel_v8Also, We should use the original title Ladri di biciclette (plural noun) because the English translation makes it sound like he was the only thief. But everybody was going thru difficult times. Sorry, I'm an Italianist nerd 😝
  • shadymansour@marielale92 👍 - will watch that movie. "The bicycle thieves" it should be.
  • vegasstyleguyThat period of European filmmaking is amazing but my young friends refuse to watch a blank and white movie. Sad
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