Cooked me up some lobster ravioli. Thanks to coach @mrsweidman !! #blizzardfood
  • chrisweidmanufcCooked me up some lobster ravioli. Thanks to coach @mrsweidman !! #blizzardfood

  • smmadrid@chrisweidmanufc can you have Mrs Weidman email me the recipe?? See you at The Arnold!!
  • deengsp@chrisweidmanufc why do you never respond to your fans?
  • danillamaiaPeople in Brazil are saying that victor belfort will destroy you, I unlike many here know that you're going to win this fight with all its simplicity, I bet all my chips on you Chris. I'm rooting for you Prince 👊👆
  • misterhales@deengsp if I were @chrisweidmanufc my response would be: Because when I tap on the instagram icon on my phone, it opens and shows a quotation bubble that says 374,089,768,xxx,xxx,xxx left you a comment or mentioned you in a post. And when he does read some stuff, it says, hey your the man, I'm not gay but I would love to suck your Dick!! Or, if the ref didn't jump in silva would've got up and beat you to death with the other half of his leg. Or, you come to brazil, you die!! Lol, not bustin your balls, I'm just sayin
  • daliladaltioLove you Chris!
  • __anaguedes♥♥♥♥♥
  • korb_mit_deplorablespasta and seafood, nice!
  • jameskeeen@chrisweidmanufc what is that fucking slop? Hope you're training your chin so you can break Vitor's hand with it, can't wait to watch you get KO'd @reece_jepson hahahaha
  • big_daddy_matt@chrisweidmanufc don't listen to all the bullshit from all these clueless folks. You're the champ for a reason. You beat silva TWICE for a reason. That ain't luck. I watch UFC daily. N I'm a HUGE fan of yours. I was a fan as soon as I saw you defeat mark Munoz with that mean ass elbow. Lol youra badass! Keep it up!
  • jameskeeen@big_daddy_matt You're fucking deluded if you think beating Silva is anything but luck, I can sent you a link to a @realvitorbelfort highlight reel if you want something to look forward to
  • reece_jepson@jameskeeen , wiedman I hope your ready because vitor is hungrier than ever , and he's coming for your un-deserved belt. Fair play you beat anderson but he is 38 years old , if you fought him in his prime you would be the one in the hospital. And good luck for vitor , your gonna need it. @chrisweidmanufc
  • joao_henning@spiderandersonsilva vai te destruir ele vai da a volta por cima
  • christianseymour_bjjChris Weidman > Anderson Silva
  • christianseymour_bjj#weidmanslays
  • baldo831The dudes cooking a meal for his wife and all u dumfucks have nothing better to do than talk about anderson move on he won
  • bfrantz610I like the veiw where you seen andersons leg split hahahaha
  • x2_jesiah_3xThat looks good
  • nyrangerusaWow does that make me hungry
  • jonathanceliz.jcRavioles con pollo
  • jonathanceliz.jcRavioli with chiken
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