words cannot describe my love for this @whitneyenglish planner... and it's only the second day of the year.
  • howsweeteatswords cannot describe my love for this @whitneyenglish planner... and it's only the second day of the year.

  • abeautifulplateAgghhh I need one 💗
  • designcrushIt's the best!
  • hwiesel@merewhitman I like this planner
  • tayandbayI just bought mine! I'm so excited about it!
  • niconthenetDo you like this better than the Erin Condren planners? I love my EC but I've been hearing a lot about these.
  • howsweeteats@nikkicole81 yes, a lot more. While I liked the Erin condren one, this is much more specific, entrepreneur based and goal oriented. If you are looking for a planner to just keep things organized, EC is great. I think it probably works especially well for families. If you're looking to turn dreams into realities (so cheesy, I know), this is incredible. It actually takes work at the beginning but it's worth it, and it's work you need to do anyway if you have big dreams/goals!
  • halfbakedharvestI can't find the day designer, only the year designer. Do you think the day designer is sold out?
  • howsweeteats@halfbakedharvest oh wow! I just looked and you're right. I think that sometimes when they get bombarded with orders, they take it off for a few days... so maybe it will be back up shortly??
  • halfbakedharvestI hope so! This sounds perfect. I read about and wow!! It truly sounds amazing!
  • kbogletreeI just got mine for Christmas...best gift ever!
  • sepiamemoriesWow I never heard of this brand. I have to look into it for next year. I like my Erin Condren & I got it for cheap which may not be the case next year so it's good to see what's out there.
  • samanthajburrAre you going to review it on the blog (PRETTYPRETTYPRETTYPLEASE WITH GLITTER ON TOP)
  • aurevoirdarlingreview it!!!
  • edibleashUhh I think I need this, but Chris may kill me.
  • meyoxWell crap. I *had* a favorite planner. Now I clearly need this one. 😕
  • elevatewithkatieI ordered one too and can't wait for it to arrive!
  • tiffanymichalI just ordered one! Can't wait to get it!!! Would love to know what you think of it @howsweeteats
  • whitneyenglishWhat a compliment! Thank you so much!!
  • trulyjessWow I love it
  • thatgirlkatie_studioI just ordered one today - thx
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