#nye2014 do I look a little inebriated? LOL
  • thekenyamoore#nye2014 do I look a little inebriated? LOL

  • chocolatecouturetrademarkedI love her extensive vocabulary.smh the most
  • chocolatecouturetrademarkedTipsy will do!
  • colossal_tycoon1IRRESISTIBLE MY LOVE!!KISSES
  • kimwj5663Isn't that how u always look?
  • bridgewaterphotoLook good @thekenyamoore follow me please
  • adeobalagosGorgeous
  • j__hoodU got it going on adorable
  • atahzmania💜
  • atahzmaniaYou look like a new life has entered you and it's helping you grow beautifully
  • jbonic74U still want kids
  • jeannette_oliviaI do not think she was trying to steal Appolo whatever his name is . Phaedra needs to talk to her husband not Kenya cause Kenya is a grown intelligent woman and knows better. She cannot do that to Phaedra. Appolo is disgrace himself looking at the women. Do not judge anyone unless u know the truth. Its only what u see on TV.
  • toryiahI blame Kenya and Apollo, I blame Apollo for falling for the bullshit, how old is he again? And Miss Kenya as beautiful as u r, I can't believe that u flirts with a married man and no matter whether u like phaedra or not. The things ur doing is trifling belittling of ur self and so classless. U know better y is u trying to seduce a married man and flaunting ur self around him and acting crazy and deranged with Phaedra. U r very disrespectful and that's why I don't like u. Ur morals and values r wack.. Imma pray for u @thekenyamoore
  • devine82black barbie
  • brickhousewrapsBeautiful
  • _j_a_n_g__Stfu @toryiah pray that time travel gets invented so u can prevent your mom from getting drunk and naming u toryiah
  • jessie4james_jimenezYuk
  • ritty4270@thekenyamoore No you look fab..
  • opendoors45Driver roll up the Partition please!!!!
  • bridgettgrooms47Love the rollsroyce and grand dress
  • adachukwu_psalmsOh baby...
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