Major shelf construction underway. Hope is not pleased.
  • designspongeMajor shelf construction underway. Hope is not pleased.

  • maggiefrommLove that poster!!
  • omassov@designsponge sigh. I hope our experience goes smoothly and the never again
  • diane_haynes_smithOh but think of the styling potential once you are finished!
  • emysueThat poster!! 💜
  • amyfem@designsponge you painted the shelves white :) looks great. and I adore the poster!
  • the_happy_spaceThat art!!!
  • llubavOoh, can't wait to see the end result. That poster is awesome!
  • designsponge@amyfem nah- that was the office. This is my home :) they came white
  • designsponge@nancystetler we looooove container store. After countless ikea screw ups we're container store all the way now
  • designsponge@kimmylou @doorsixteen ditto. Hope is like "seriously??"
  • amyfem@designsponge ahhhh got ya :) good luck with your current project!
  • michellemospensI got an A+ in art. Love this!
  • blackwingedbirdThis is random, but I'd love to see a post on making a home with a dog... Like tips and tricks for cleaning etc. I live in Seattle,
  • blackwingedbirdLand of muddy paws! Hope looks so sweet, I bet she and my Frankie girl would be friends!
  • designsponge@blackwingedbird honestly I don't know yet - I'm on my second rug :(
  • designsponge@blackwingedbird just looked at so many of your dog pics- Frankie is so cute!!
  • blackwingedbirdThanks so much! I love her to death! I love Design Sponge but I love how much you love your dog even more! Hope is a sweet and lucky girl to have such a good mom:)
  • okkaela@blackwingedbird @designsponge lol another rug went out my front door today...glad to hear I'm not alone in the quest to figure it out! good thing they're all totally worth it! 😊👍🐶
  • birleyl@designspoge We always sprayed our rugs with loads of cans on scotch guard upholstery protector. I mean LOADS but always made quite a difference to the traffic of dog and two cats. That and regular carpet shampoo although I'd be worried about those colours running.
  • jcopelandcoI want that saying on my wall!
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