Happy #NewYear ! Here's to an amazing #2014 check out this link...http://bit.ly/18WnYUo
  • torispellingHappy #NewYear ! Here's to an amazing #2014 check out this link...http://bit.ly/18WnYUo

  • elizabeth.beth.lizzyHe was supposed to have been in rehab at this point. Doesn't add up. I think it's all fake.
  • elizabeth.beth.lizzyOn the show she says they had seen each other in months.
  • lmduffy33@emilyp928 @vtmeagan I thought he was in rehab over this time!!! Looks like they are pretty happy here. Hmmmmm.. I smell a rat!! 🐁💨
  • emilyp928@lmduffy33 they took this pic before Christmas because she was wearing the same outfit in another pic from before Christmas. I hate Dean
  • megjeskiLol @lmduffy33 @emilyp928. What's also funny is that I just learned my mom watches the show too.
  • stephaniegill@madnjax
  • connycherLovely Family.. God Bless u & ur family abundantly dear.... @torianddean
  • yaanighaunI hope she forgives Dean. Everyone makes a mistake or two. It's up to the stronger person with a big heart to forgive. I know he genuinely loves her & is madly in love with her.
  • nicihan1987I'm pretty sure they said the "incident(s)" HAPPENED during The holidays while he was in Toronto filming [probably some garbage lifetime chick flick] & Tori received the "news" during the kids Christmas pageant! & just because it's a New Years picture doesn't necessarily mean it was Taken ON New Year's ...
  • queentarraShe married a cheater......it's unfortunate but he's good at it.
  • girl0ngirlI thought he was In treatment before New Years..?
  • _jenwallace@nicihan1987 she said herself on Tuesdays episode that he was in treatment during Christmas and New Years. Also, the show he was doing in Canada was "Chopped Canada"
  • nicihan1987Ya I noticed that on the last episode @_jenwallace #mybad :)
  • maybemabelline@jcontreras99 look at the comments!!
  • kendallharken@kimberlyanncurry 😒🔫
  • ashleylepley55Wait wasn't he supposed to be in treatment??
  • johnson2503Just ignore what everybody is saying in the world about what you and Dean are doing I think it was a good idea on the situation that you're going through and your marriage and I think it was good that you decided to let him go do chopped Canada because this data but another stepping stone did y'all have to step on it so gotta push you get a first-hand reasons and this is nothing but another test to make your marriage stronger god bless you
  • peectureLOL "Just Ignore" how about you just ignore.
  • lexxbrookee@ashleylepley55 this was before everything happened
  • spooniesteph@ashleylepley55 good point. @lexie_brooke_14 he went into treatment right before Christmas and was in there for 3 months supposedly. So how was he there to take this pic?
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